Powerful and Proven Case Management Software
for County and State Courts

Simplify processes, improve workflow and ensure efficient operations with Odyssey.

Courts and justice agencies across the United States depend on Odyssey for case management. From small counties to statewide courts, the Odyssey product suite easily adapts to organizations of any size. It also provides advanced, reliable functionality that simplifies processes, improves workflow and ensures efficient operations.

Comprehensive Court Software for Complex Judicial Needs
Odyssey meets the unique needs of each court, no matter the type (criminal, civil, probate, traffic, family or juvenile). Available as stand-alone applications or in an integrated justice solution, Odyssey products provide you with thorough and up-to-date information. This means you have immediate access when and where you need it.

Odyssey Software for Courts

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The Integrated Justice Advantage for Counties and States
Odyssey helps county clients share data among all of the offices in the justice system — courts, prosecutors, supervision, law enforcement and jail. In state-wide implementations, courts in multiple counties can share data, ensuring that each court has the most up-to-date information possible about the parties in their judicial system. Shared data is the crux of Odyssey’s power, fueling core applications and improving workflow processes. This integration saves time and creates other efficiencies for clerks, judges, jailers, attorneys and others, eliminating redundancies, minimizing errors and helping you to be more responsive to your citizens.

Tyler Cloud-Based SolutionsOdyssey Cloud-Based Solutions
Odyssey is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler remains committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site. Our flexible approach allows us to respond to your needs while delivering the most efficient and secure products and services possible. Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.

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Amy Puckett
Odyssey Product Director

Although processes differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, many of the concepts are the same. Because I have actually lived and worked some of those processes, I can quickly relate to our clients.