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Give your school district a student information system that does more than just collect data — help your district leverage that data to better manage classrooms, school buildings and the district at large. For more than 30 years, Tyler’s Student Information Systems (SIS) have been helping districts just like yours manage their administrative processes.

With this deep insight — along with the guidance of our more than 1,300 clients — we understand how to create, deliver and support software applications that do more than just collect data. Quite simply, at Tyler, we empower you to use that data in meaningful ways.

Tyler knows the functions of every school system are unique — that’s why we offer two student information systems to meet your unique needs.

K-12 School Districts
For all K-12 school districts looking for a Web-based SIS, Tyler Student Information Systems are fully configurable, flexible, and scalable. Featuring Web-based Microsoft .NET architecture — counselors, teachers, and students can login anywhere and at anytime.

Developed with your school system members in mind, Tyler Student Information Systems also give your key administrators and teachers the resources to make the right decisions at the right time.

Solutions That Work the Way You Do
For the past 30 years, we have served only the public sector. That means we understand better than anyone the unique challenges, needs and opportunities schools face — every day. And our school software solutions work the way you do. We offer a comprehensive portfolio, Tyler School solutions, to address every facet of your operations. 

Given our deep experience, we understand that schools and school districts are an integrated enterprise. That means you must effectively manage the needs and requirements of that enterprise — along with a broad range of ever-changing demands by administrators, teachers, parents, students and the communities and states in which you operate. At Tyler, we’re here to empower you with the right solutions to help you effectively meet those needs — every day.

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