Incode Municipal Court Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
My annual case load is .
Our average lobby wait time is  minutes. 
Our staff spends approximately minutes with each visitor.
The average ticket cost for us is $  .
With Incode, my court can reduce foot traffic and wait times.
We can reduce lobby wait time to minutes
and our time spent with visitors to minutes.
We can also expect less traffic —  visitors per day.
These efficiencies could potentially save us hours each day.
Incode will also allow my court to increase collections of unpaid citations.
For my court, there is an estimated   in unpaid citations.
It is estimated that  24% of unpaid citations can be collected within two days.
It costs an average of to collect unpaid citiations.
Collecting on unpaid citations, means  for my court.
We will also save time and money reducing the amount of paper we use to communicate.
Without paper notices (e.g., plea forms, judgments, appearance notices, etc.) we can reduce  
annual paper  consumption by sheets.
Less paper means an annual savings of .
We can also save   hours of time handing paper 
and in collection costs.
 Total Savings with Incode Municipal Court
Work Hours Saved
Trees Saved
Productivity Cost Gained (hours)
Money Saved
Revenue Increase
Net Increase