Annual Clerk/Court  Staff Salary = Hourly Cost
Automating Manual Processes
For the activites below, please insert the average length of time (in minutes) and the number of times each day the activity is performed. The savings reflects the dollar value of the time savings through Odyssey's automation.  
Function Minutes to Perform Function Times
Per Day
Annual Value 5-Year
Efficiencies Gained Using Odyssey
Public access
Time spent answering questions on the phone or in person about dockets, travel violations and more. Odyssey securely publishes information to your Web portal saving citizens and staff time.
Online payments Time spent accepting and processing payment for traffic violations or other fees. Odyssey accepts epayments online so citizens never have to step foot in the courthouse. 
Party information
Time spent reentering the same information multiple times and in different places. Odyssey party record information is shared among departments and agencies so it does not have to be re-entered—saving time, reducing errors and speeding the process.
Warrants served Time spent checking the status of a warrant or re-entering information.  Because warrant information is shared, all offices know its status.
Savings from Automating Manual Processes Total Savings from Automating
 Manual Processes Across Offices
Data Sharing
Tyler has estimated the average amount of time clients saved using Odyssey. Simply insert the number of times per day, your court performs these activities to see the associated dollar value of Odyssey efficiencies.
Function Time Saved
Per Day
Per Day
Annual Value 5-Year
Efficiencies Gained Using Odyssey
Prosecutor case
Time spent to file a case in prosecutor's office. With Odyssey a lot of the case information is created for the DA automatically when the jail enters information. Clerks also save time because information added by the prosecutor’s office populates Case Manager.
Appeal packets Time spent creating appeal packets.  Odyssey usea a wizard to automate the appeal packet creation — walking you through the process  in 10-15 minutes.
Auto e-payment
Time spent entering information when a fee or fine is paid at the counter. Odyssey is integrated with the payment system so authorization codes, amount and other information doesn't have to be entered, saving time and reducing errors.
E-Filing Time spent accepting and processing paper documents. Odyssey File & Serve accepts electronic filings and adds them to the case record.
Bond processing Time spent checking the status of a bond or re-entering bond-related  information. All offices know the status of a bond with Odyssey because that information is shared.
Case jackets Time spent creating case jackets and folders. Odyssey SessionWorks Judge Edition's touch screen allows provides bench acesss to all the case information electronically.
Hearing reports Time spent determining which inmates need to be prepared for court. Odyssey's docket reports allow jailers to quickly see which inmates need to be ready for a hearing — without looking through every item on the docket. This can also be accessed directly from the inmate's record in Jail Manager.
Civil papers Time spent searching for the status of civil papers or re-entering information.  All offices know the status of civil papers with Odyssey because that information is shared. 
Savings from Data Sharing Total Savings from Sharing Data across offices
  Releases Per Day Cost Per Day      
 Jail releases Time spent waiting for paperwork prior to releasing an inmate. Odyssey Jail Manager clients often can release inmates  faster because they don't have to wait for information from the court.  This formula  assumes inmates can be released one day faster.
Total Estimated Benefit/Value