The following files must be compiled into one .ZIP (50 MB maximum) file for submission

  • A signed student participation and consent form for each team member.
  • A link to the YouTube video presentation you have prepared — do not include a video file. Include the link to your video in the About page of your app.
  • For Android Submissions:
    • A .APK File
  • For iOS Submissions:
    • The XCode project root directory containing the .xcodeproj file and all subsequent files/folders
  • For Submissions:
    • A URL to the app

The name for your compiled .ZIP file should include

  • Team or individual name
  • App name (abbreviate the full name if long)
  • Submission date in mm.dd.yyyy format.

spacer module is 111px

Submission Form


Get it Right the First Time

Any submission that does not conform to these requirements is invalid and will not be judged as an entry

If a submission contains invalid file formats or is incomplete, we will notify the participant responsible for the submission and ask them to resubmit the files in the correct formats. 

All final submissions must be received by May 18, 2020. There will be no grace period.

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