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Episode Descriptions

Drones and the future of GIS with Tim Oliver, GIS/IT director, Horry County
In part 1 of our podcast, Tim discusses how Horry County combined the power of drones with mapping technology to dramatically increase fee collection while facilitating several county-wide projects. In part 2, hear Tim discuss the future of GIS technology and what it means for local governments throughout the country.

Exploring Connected Communities with Art Vander Vis of Los Angeles County, CA
Want to learn how the concept of Connected Communities is being applied in real communities? Check out our podcast — we're joined by Art Vander Vis, Los Angeles County's principal engineer, to discuss technology, innovation, drones, beaches and how his county is building a connected community.

The Impact of GIS in Smart Communities
Tune in to hear Jeff Green, Tyler's senior vice president of development, discuss the Esri® User Conference and how GIS impacts smart communities.