Stay on Track and Under Budget

With real-time management of textbook inventory, you can streamline business processes for teachers and students while keeping your costs in check. Tyler SIS Textbook Inventory makes it easy to track books from one room to another, meet curriculum needs, and be certain that each child has the books he or she needs to learn.

  • Automatically track serialized and non-serialized assets
  • Transfer books and track asset allocation from one room to another
  • Automate return processes to assess standardized fines
  • Streamline ordering to meet new curriculum headcount projections

Keep Your District Organized

Accurate and easy to use, Tyler SIS Textbook Inventory helps manage text and reference books, keeping everything organized and available while controlling costs.

  • Easily track the location of every book
  • Search by item title, department, section, status, student, serial number, site, and room
  • Produce reports such as Surplus Inventory and Distribution by Location
  • Real-time management of textbook inventory and the associated business processes

Ensure Every Student Has the Books They Need

Your focus is on student achievement, and for students to succeed, they need the proper tools. Now you can be certain that students have the textbooks and other learning aids they need to do their best.

  • Easily distribute books to students
  • Simplify book ordering process year-to-year to account for increases to student count
  • Automate return book process to assess standardized fines for lost or damaged books and automatically create real-time updates in Tyler SIS Fines and Fees

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Tyler SIS Doesn't Stop at Textbook Inventory

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