Improve Access to Case Data and Documents

re:Search® provides a more efficient way for attorneys, judges, and other constituents to access information from any place, on any device. It allows you to officer a web-based portal that provides immediate and secure access to a consolidated database of case information in a consistent manner from multiple jurisdictions.

  • Increase transparency and access to information
  • Improved access to court records

  • Offers a revenue acquisition opportunity for courts

  • Mitigates the need for judges to learn multiple systems across multiple jurisdictions

Take a Tour of re:Search

Tyler has designed a video to give legal professionals an overview of how re:Search will change the way they search for court case information across multiple jurisdictions. It appears on those states’ re:Search web sites.

re:Search Users Include
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Search Features that Make Users More Informed, Effective, and Successful

  • In-document text searching gives users the ability to search by name, phrase or keyword within the text of all of the documents within the database, not just the case numbers or the descriptions. Search results highlight the filing, as well as a few case details to make sure it is relevant and surrounding text for context.
  • Save searches for future use
  • Export searches so they can be saved, sorted, and used however the user requires them
  • Create custom folders within re:Search to track, store, and custom organize search results

Enhanced, Personalized Dashboard

  • Personalized widgets giving you immediate access to the most important information
  • At-a-glance visibility to your cases, filing activity, saved searches, created files, etc.

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