Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing for the Public Sector

Enhancing productivity, improving service and increasing flexibility

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the primary means to conduct business for not only the private sector but the public sector as well. Mobile solutions offer tremendous opportunities to deliver better and faster assistance to citizens, who now expect local government and schools to be just as accessible as their credit cards, bank accounts and favorite stores.

Mobile ComputingWith mobile technologies and the variety of mobile computing devices available, it is easier than ever before for the public sector to accommodate citizen and employee preferences, increase productivity and efficiency and improve citizen engagement and service delivery.

Mobile Development Strategy

At Tyler, our interest in mobility is focused on creating operational efficiencies for our clients — moving technology closer to where the work is. Mobile solutions represent just part of what we do, but they are certainly significant in their ability to push the job of collecting information out into the field where it is most relevant, as well as make data analysis more readily available for decision makers.

Since the needs of a user in a mobile environment are fundamentally different from those of a user sitting at a desk, we’ve developed solutions that are browser independent and can run on any mobile device, as well as applications developed specifically for smart phones and tablets.

Tyler's Mobile Solutions

Brazos  Patrol officers can easily use a hand-held device to generate a mobile e-citation and automatically upload it into any system defined by the agency.

EnerGov — Public sector employees can use the EnerGov mobile app suite to manage cases, code enforcement, inspections and the plan review process in the field.

iasWorld — Property appraisers can review and edit parcel level data in the field including making sketch edits, with iasWorld Field Mobile.

Incode — The Incode Mobile Management Console gives business managers and decision-makers access to crucial financial and personnel information on the go.

Incode Public Safety — The Incode Public Safety iPad® app raises the standard for situation awareness and officer safety.

Infinite Visions — Administrators and decision-makers in the K-12 environment get real-time access to accurate financial and personnel data wherever they are with the Infinite Visions Mobile Management Console.

Munis — Whether you are in a conference room for a string of meetings or out in the neighborhoods inspecting properties, remote access to Munis data makes all the difference.

SoftCodeSoftCode CivilMobile makes civil processing more efficient by providing an easy way to update service information in the field and quick access to additional case information.

Tyler SIS — Principals, assistant principals, teachers and coaches can access student information, such as attendance, alerts, class schedules and more with Tyler SIS mobile solutions.

Mobile Solutions Benefits

Improve the government-citizen relationship — 95 percent of public sector stakeholders see positive changes in government-citizen relationships thanks to mobile solutions.

Boost employee satisfaction — More than 90 percent say mobile solutions increase workforce satisfaction due to the flexibility of employees working anywhere, anytime.

Improve productivity — More than 90 percent say mobile solutions increase the productivity of their workforce.

Speed up service delivery — Nearly 72 percent saw basic government transactions as an area of opportunity for mobile solutions.

Source:  Center for Digital Government, research survey on the topic of enterprise mobility, 2013.