Tyler Telematics GPS

Tyler Telematic GPS

Vehicle Location, Speed, and Heading PLUS Vehicle Diagnostics

Providing greater efficiency with powerful vehicle diagnostics

School transportation departments are expected to be conservative and strategy with their purchases; proven return on investment (ROI) is expected. Tyler Telematic GPS™ is the first solution to deliver measurable ROI by providing a complete view of the vehicle, driver, and engine.

We designed Tyler Telematic GPS to deliver not only accurate longitude, latitude, time and odometer readings, but also comprehensive information about the vehicle, driver and engine.

Tyler Telematic GPS Hardware

Drawing from Geotab® GPS hardware solutions  — a proven hardware platform with more than 100,000 units currently in operation —Tyler Telematic GPS delivers the powerful technology you need to streamline your critical transportation operations.

Geotab Go
  • Connection to the 3G network
  • Onboard engine diagnostic monitoring
  • Onboard alerts assist in driver training
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Driver keys for driver and route identification
  • External inputs/outputs (I/O) are available to monitor auxiliary devices
  • Expandable IOX harness to add any combination of auxiliary devices
  • RF, Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA cellular communication options

Geotab Go

Cost Savings with Tyler Telematic GPS

Tyler Telematic GPS is the only solution that can provide significant cost savings in four important areas:

  • Productivity & Route Efficiency — Using route and street imports, planned vs. actual comparisons and geo-fencing alerts, districts can plan the most efficient routes, resulting in fuel savings and reduced engine wear and tear.
  • Preventive Vehicle Maintenance — Internal engine diagnostics collect data like mileage, low battery, idling, engine warnings and many other events. Instant alerts of engine faults and predictive reporting on engine condition help mechanics stay one step ahead of costly repairs and break downs.
  • Bus Driver Training & Risk Management — Driver notifications and alerts help with driver training. For example, if district policy is that the bus can only idle for five minutes, a buzzer will sound after four-and-a-half minutes to alert the driver that he/she is about to exceed the threshold for acceptable idling. A built-in accelerometer provides an accurate g-force measurement that can indicate hard breaking and rapid acceleration. And the ability to store pre-accident data assists with analysis for risk management.
  • Regulatory & Environmental Compliance — Tyler Telematic GPS helps you manage current state, provincial and federal requirements.