Case Management Software for Medical Cannabis Regulators

An estimated 1.2 million patients use medical cannabis where it is legal in the U.S. while state laws sharply vary, regulators share the need for a case management system that will adhere to medical regulations, evolve with new legislation, provide secure data access to authorized individuals, and scale to handle growing case volumes.

  • Provides a confidential registry for qualifying participants and their caregivers

  • Manages licensure for physicians who are approved to certify patients for the program

  • Acts as a self-service portal for patients, physicians, caregivers, and legal agents

End-to-End Processing

Tyler’s Medical Cannabis Regulation software is designed to facilitate every administrative task associated with regulating medical cannabis. It is configurable to keep up with evolving legislation, without requiring code changes.

  • Processes patient and caregiver applications, renewals, and payments
  • Ensures efficient registration and enforcement
  • Allows patients to print fraud-resistant ID cards or mobile ID
  • Enables real-time verification of patient assignments and plant counts
  • Supports live scan fingerprinting and criminal background checks, if required
  • Meets compliance standards for HIPAA, ADA & Section 508, FISMA Information Security, NIST Special Publication 800-53, and federal and state-level information assurance standards

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