2014 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Tyler Excellence Awards

2014 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards winners! Many winners accepted their awards at Tyler Connect 2014 in San Antonio, Texas.

Excellence Award Winners by Product


Washoe County Recorder’s Office, Nevada
The Washoe County Recorder’s Office, Nevada, was struggling with recording volume and outdated recording processes. The workflow became so convoluted that Washoe had to reevaluate how they would be able to accommodate their current workload. Like many counties, simply adding staff was out of the question due to budget restraints. So they turned to Tyler’s Eagle Recorder for their document management needs.
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Thurston 9-1-1 Communications, Washington
As the consolidated 911 public safety dispatch center for Washington’s Thurston County, Thurston 911 Communications (TCOMM 911) handles between 1,500 and 1,800 calls every day. Eden’s Web Extensions created the environment to meet all the challenges of TCOMM 911’s complex payroll. Now they are entering their time daily, using electronic approvals and sending all correct and approved time to the financial office to be processed.
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Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida
The village of Palmetto Bay, Florida, has been using Eden for five years and Tyler Cashiering for three years. Without a convenience fee feature, the village was absorbing costly credit card fees each year
— $15,844 in the last year alone, a 25 percent increase over the previous year. The village worked with the Eden support team to set up and test the integration between Tyler Cashiering and Eden — codes, GL accounts and posting. With the new process in place, the village was on its way to conveniently recouping lost revenue.
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Public Utility District #1 of Asotin County, Washington
The Asotin County Public Utility District (PUD) in Washington has been using Eden financial and payroll software since 2004. They were very happy with the software and the high level of competency, effectiveness and professionalism of Eden’s support team. So when they implemented utility billing in 2006, they decided that they could rely on that relationship to help them manage the complexity of increased database maintenance and the update process using Tyler’s OSDBA services.
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Leon County Property Appraiser's Office, Florida
Florida's Leon County Property Appraiser’s staff often had difficulties discovering the reasons a building's value changed from one tax year to the next. Working with Tyler to implement the iasWorld solution allowed the Leon County Property Appraiser office to create sophisticated views and customized, new functions to display the data in an easy-to-read chart for the residential and commercial appraisal departments to reference.
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City of Ridgeland, Mississippi
The city of Ridgeland, Mississippi, had a storage problem. Like many municipalities, Ridgeland is required to keep certain documents for set periods of time. As these documents accumulate, the space to store them becomes harder and harder to come by. The problem was magnified when Ridgeland staff had to pull these documents at a customer's request. To solve this problem Ridgeland, a current user of Tyler's Incode financial solution, turned to Tyler Content Manager and Tyler Output Processor to transform their outdated, paper-based records into a streamlined electronic database.
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Barrow County School System, Georgia
Barrow County School System spans eight elementary, four middle and three high schools. County educators are challenged to meet the needs of a student body where more than 60 percent of the students come from economically disadvantaged households, 12 percent have special needs and 8 percent speak English as a second language. Barrow County implemented Tyler Pulse to find a way to aggregate existing data sources, reduce the amount of time collectively spent to yield information that is current, easy to understand and actionable.
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Contra Costa County Office of Education, California
Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE) is one of 58 county offices in the state of California tasked with providing cost-effective programs and educational and financial services to local school districts. One of its largest challenges has been pulling the payroll and accounts payable data from each of the 16 districts into a single file. CCCOE implemented Munis financials and payroll it was clear that their payroll and check processing for 16 county school districts was highly inefficient.
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Town of Queen Creek, Arizona
When the Town of Queen Creek transitioned to purchase cards (p-cards) a few years back they were intended for directors’ use only. Users were expected to log into the p-card provider’s online site to enter their notes for each charge. Queen Creek would then receive a single monthly statement which they would import into Munis Accounts Payable. With such a small number of users, staff could monitor the charges and coding without too much trouble. The convenience and flexibility of p-cards outweighed the extra work in the finance office. online Munis Knowledgebase provided a selection of p-card resources: a p-card layout template for client download, step-by-step instructions on how to import transactions from a third party p-card provider and how to create informational invoices for each transaction.
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Collin County, Texas
Collin County, Texas built a strong foundation with Odyssey. Multiple Collin County offices were recognized for integrating Odyssey across the county in order to efficiently share information between multiple agencies, including constables, law enforcement, district and county clerks, the jail, and the courthouse. Odyssey was the driving force behind the county achieving paperless courtrooms in all six civil and criminal county courts. In addition, Odyssey automated the traffic citation entry process, as well as helped Collin County utilize a workflow queuing system. The results speak for themselves — increased revenues, improved timely receipt of fees, streamlined processes and improved efficiency resulting in cost savings.

San Luis Obispo, California
San Luis Obispo Superior Court was the first California court to implement the Odyssey case management system. San Luis Obispo exhibited leadership by moving quickly to consolidate 25 disconnected systems onto a single Odyssey platform and implement strategic initiatives, including e-filing and self-represented litigation in only 13 months. Odyssey will streamline court processing to a one-day turnaround, both in preparing and processing case records in court. Odyssey's powerful capabilities will enable the court to increase access to justice and operate efficiently, meeting the needs of the public with a diminished workforce.

Texas Office of Court Administration
The Texas Office of Court Administration deployed Odyssey File & Serve in only 15 months to support a statewide e-filing platform, known as eFileTexas, with an expected savings of 24 million sheets of paper in 2014 — that equates to a pallet of paper per week. The platform will provide e-filing for all 254 counties and Texas' 26 million citizens by July of 2016 (as mandated by the Supreme Court of Texas in 2012). E-filing, provided at no charge to filers, saves Texas counties the cost of processing, scanning and storing paper documents. The eFileTexas system has more than 70,000 registered users and has handled almost two million filings already this year.

Tyler Public Safety

City of Dunwoody Municipal Court, Georgia
The city of Dunwoody Municipal Court, Georgia, processes more than 10,200 case filings per year. Tyler's Incode municipal court software helped Dunwoody employees automate a diverse set of daily functions, resulting in increased productivity while freeing employees to focus on tasks that require their attention.
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Tyler SIS

Mission Consolidated Independent School District
When Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) implemented Tyler SIS in 2009, the employees of their Technology and Information Systems Departments were hugely excited about the new features and solutions that would be available to the district. They were ready to move to a Web-based solution with a range of fully integrated features that would seamlessly share data.
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Tyler Verify

Montgomery County Auditor, Ohio
Situated in Southwest Ohio across 465 square miles of land, Montgomery County, Ohio, is home to flourishing neighborhoods, world-class museums, thriving sports venues, fine dining, and arts and cultural festivals. Ohio law requires the county auditor to complete a reappraisal of all real property once every six years. In order for the county auditor's office to complete the reappraisal within a tight budget in a timely manner — while increasing accuracy, confidence and support — they needed the right solution and technology for streamlining the project. The county chose used Tyler Verify and Tyler's CLT Appraisal Services to do so.
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Joplin Schools, Missouri
On Sunday, May 22, 2011, a tornado that, at its maximum, grew to be nearly one mile wide, struck the city of Joplin, Missouri. Nearly 25 percent of the city was destroyed by the tornado, and 75 percent of the city reported damage. Joplin Schools sustained loss and damage to several of their schools, and the high school was damaged beyond repair. A Versatrans client since 2004, Joplin Schools used Versatrans to help identify students affected and used the software to reroute around the damaged area.
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