2016 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Tyler Excellence Awards

2016 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards winners! Many winners accepted their awards at Tyler Connect 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona and at the Tyler SIS 2016 User Conference in Columbia, Missouri.

Excellence Award Winners by Product


Riverside County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder (ACR), California
Riverside County is the 10th-largest county in the nation and the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder (ACR) provides services to 2.3 million residents. The county implemented Eagle Recorder and the impact of the software was felt almost immediately by the Riverside County ACR.
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Manhattan Beach, California
The City of Manhattan Beach, an Eden ERP user, turned to Tyler Cashiering to help provide better service to customers with shorter wait times. Tyler Cashiering integrates with the Eden financial management software, and due to the integration the City has reduced their voided transactions by 40 percent and the barcode scanning capabilities of Tyler Cashiering eliminated the need for manual data entry.
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City of Lake Forest, California
A Tyler client for more than 15 years, the City of Lake Forest serves 80,070 citizens in Orange County, California. After implementing EnerGov, the City is now able to connect departments and share information, eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency, citizen self-service and visibility.
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Cobb County Tax Commissioner's Office, Georgia
Once a month, the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office conducts a sale of tax-delinquent properties. Before, the tax sales were inefficient and time-consuming and after implementing iasWorld® the entire sales process is streamlined from beginning to end.
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Infinite Visions

Jenks Public Schools, Oklahoma
With more than a 75 percent population increase in 10 years and a student population on the rise, Jenks Public Schools looked for a solution to get more done using the same amount of resources. The school district integrated Infinite Visions® and Tyler Content Manager solutions. This has streamlined the hiring process and has increased productivity.
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City of Victorville, California
The City of Victorville implemented Munis’ Employee Self Service (ESS) to eliminate the excess manual data entry and delayed processing when entering timesheets for almost 500 employees. ESS has simplified workflow and been advantageous to everyone.
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St. Louis County, Missouri
In the spring of 2015, St. Louis County was preparing to upgrade to Munis version 11.1 with a new Web interface, ribbon and dashboard. The County Administrative Processing Systems (CAPS) team knew they needed a more effective way to ease the transition. The CAPS team decided to implement Tyler University, a site that features more than 500 classes.
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St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office (STPSO) implemented Munis Tax Billing and Collections to collect ad valorem taxes. St. Tammany Parish was the first parish to utilize the Munis property tax program and only parish with a non-consolidated government to do so in Louisiana.
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Minnesota Judicial Branch
The Minnesota Judicial Branch needed a statewide solution available to all justice partners across Minnesota to be completely electronic. The Branch implemented Odyssey® Portal to provide electronic access to all justice partner agencies across the state.
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Fulton County Superior Court, Georgia
Fulton County Superior Court implemented Odyssey eFileGA to eliminate paper and improve efficiency. With the highest case count among superior courts and the largest county in Georgia, electronic filing provided Fulton with cost and time-saving benefits.
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Indiana Supreme Court, Division of State Court Administration
The Indiana Supreme Court, Division of State Court Administration implemented Odyssey statewide to integrate 400 Indiana courts with a single, statewide case and financial management system. This allowed the courts to easily share information and manage caseloads faster and more cost-effectively.
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Miami-Dade Clerks of Courts, Florida
Miami-Dade Circuit and County Civil courts process tens of thousands of pleadings daily, averaging more than 115,000 new cases annually. After implementing Odyssey®, the Circuit and County Civil courts achieved paperless operations across eight district court locations. This included 3 million documents and 8.7 million dockets in the 10 months following the implementation.
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El Paso County, Texas
El Paso County implemented the Odyssey integrated criminal justice (ICJ) solution in all courts, detention facilities, clerk’s offices, adult supervision and support department. This allowed Odyssey to become the central driving system to support eight major integrations that delivered significant cost and time savings.
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Cameron County District Clerk, Texas
The Cameron County District Clerk’s Office faced a reduced budget for paper supplies and struggled with moving documents among court staff and judges without printing. The clerk’s office implemented Odyssey Workflow, e-signatures and Odyssey SessionWorks Judge Edition to achieve a paperless office.
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Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two, Texas
Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two, one of the largest JP precincts in Texas, identified the need to provide timely and cost-effective services, as well as eliminate paper. The JP implemented Odyssey to attain paperless processes and an advanced electronic courtroom.
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Dallas County, Texas
As the ninth largest populous county in the U.S., Dallas County deployed Odyssey SessionWorks Judge Edition 4.0 to transform court operations and increase service to citizens. The county digitized paper content for all 28 civil courts within both the District and County Clerk’s office.
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Grayson County, Texas
Grayson County was challenged with expensive printing and storage costs and judges lacked quick access to documents and orders. So, the county implemented Odyssey to create a paperless environment and enable judges to access and review documents in Odyssey 24/7.
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Lubbock Central Appraisal District, Texas
Lubbock Central Appraisal District (CAD) is responsible for calculating property values for approximately 90,000 residences across 900 square miles. Since they were unable to generate itemized breakouts for unique property features, it was difficult for the district appraisal staff to explain or justify the calculated property values to taxpayers and to the local appraisal review board because. After implementing Orion, Lubbock CAD could assign values to individual property features and geographic and qualitative features that are unique to the property.
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City of New York, Department of Finance, Treasury Division
The City of New York, Department of Finance, Treasury Division manages approximately $300 million generated from over 30,000 Cash Bail cases and 5,000 Court & Trust cases. Prior to 2010, the division was challenged with a system that did not accurately maintain case records.

In the spring of 2014, the Treasury Division started working with SoftCode to implement the Court Assets Tracking System (CATS), which changed the way the Treasury Division does business and produced significant savings for NYC. The Treasury Division Court Assets Unit no longer keeps paper case files and processes are streamlined and efficient.

SoftCode users do not participate in Tyler Connect, so in lieu of the client's all-expense-paid trip to the conference, the New York City Treasury Division was awarded $1000. The money was donated by the department to the NYC Mayor's Fund, which will be used toward a summer job experience for a teenager in foster care or a shelter. "There are 11,000 teens in foster or shelter care in NYC and our aim is to give each of them a summer work experience," says Darren Bloch, executive director at the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. The teen will receive 30 hours of pre-placement training and job management support as well as guidance with career development.

Tyler Public Safety

City of Greenwood Village, Colorado
The City of Greenwood Village Police Department was challenged with relying on paper-based processes that forced staff to pick up the slack in places where the software should have been responsible. The police department implemented Tyler Public Safety to manage records and computer aided dispatch to streamline the department’s data and Brazos to eliminate manual ticketing processes, which saves the department time and money.
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Tyler SIS

River East Transcona School District
The River East Transcona School District in Manitoba, Canada collected some data digitally and the rest paper-based until they implemented Tyler SIS student information system. The school district successfully transitioned to using Tyler SIS as a fully integrated system that allows the staff to access all of student information across their district in one place.
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Wentzville R-IV School District, Missouri
Each year, the Wentzville R-IV School District ranks in the top 10 percent of districts in the Missouri Department of Education School Improvement Program (MSIP 5). They score at the top of every area, except one: they routinely lose points for every student who attends school less than 90 percent of the time. The district integrated Tyler Pulse with Tyler SIS to set up an automated system to help administrators address attendance issues.
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Magnolia ISD, Texas
Magnolia Independent School District transportation department was relying on paper and manual data entry to manage their school bus routes and with a 10 percent decrease from the previous year’s budget things had to change. The district decided to implement Versatrans® Routing & Planning to meet their budget challenge and Versatrans Triptracker®, an activity trip management solution, which enabled the district to streamline the organization of all trips.
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