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Manage all of your school’s critical student information with simplicity and ease.

With over 30 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting school system software, we understand that your student information system should do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s really important: educating. That’s why public, charter, private, and parochial schools of all sizes value our Schoolmaster Student Information System (SIS) as one of their most essential classroom assets.

In fact, every day, more than 16,000 educators across the country rely on Schoolmaster to manage their students’ essential information. From grading and attendance to health reports and testing scores, Schoolmaster puts all the student information you need at your fingertips.

Flexibility and Control for Administrators
Developed for your unique administrative control and data needs, the Schoolmaster student information system provides the flexibility of both centralized and site-based SIS solutions. Each feature fully integrated functionality for the day-to-day management of student data and administrative processes:

  • Schoolmaster District Edition gives districts real-time access to the centralized information they need, allowing for data-driven decision-making that serves the interests of students at every level.
  • Schoolmaster School Edition operates on a single workstation or on networked workstations for elementary, secondary, or K-12 schools. It includes all the components necessary to manage the unique data related to your school’s students and facilitate data-driven decision making at the site-level.

Easy Web Access for Teachers and Parents
Using our .Net Web application, Web Classroom, from any Web browser, teachers can easily access their gradebooks to enter marks and attendance into Schoolmaster. That means no more long nights in the classroom, as teachers can securely access their classroom data from virtually anywhere.

Parents can also stay informed with Schoolmaster’s Parental Access Support System (PASS), which gives parents secure and confidential Web Portal access to student progress data they need, such as gradebook information and attendance. Having this level of insight helps empowers parents, for greater participation and accountability.

Expect More from Your Technology
With flexible technology and a user-friendly interface, a Schoolmaster student information system is designed for performance and efficiency. Schoolmaster can be deployed in a variety of environments (Internet, WAN, LAN, stand-alone), which makes it more compatible with your school or district’s technology architecture. Our SIF certification also ensures data can easily flow between all of your school applications. And with the backing of Tyler’s expert implementation and support team, you have everything your staff members need.

State Reporting
Schoolmaster has been servicing K-12 schools for over 30 years—one of the longest records of continuous innovation and client support in the industry. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in our domain expertise in the area of Custom State Reporting (CSR). Schoolmaster supports CSR in over 20 states and is included at no additional charge in every Schoolmaster SIS solution.

Tyler analysts and school software engineers work closely with state agencies to understand their reporting requirements and then create easy-to-use reporting programs that integrate into the main Schoolmaster system.

All Schoolmaster SIS Solutions include the following applications:Data Files
Fees and Fines
Safe Schools
Master Schedule Builder
Test History
Optional Components:
Web Classroom
Advanced Analytics Tool
Fund Raising
PDA Applications
Schoolmaster Forms

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