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Feature Overview
The Digital Notebook

One Tool for Everything

SceneDoc can help officials do it all. Designed specifically for the Canadian market, SceneDoc is a mobile-friendly digital solution equipped to assist law enforcement, bylaw, and government enforcement officials. With the help of SceneDoc, officials can collect and log information ranging from inspections and investigations, to reporting, citations, and evidence collection. As a digital tool, SceneDoc replaces traditional note-taking methods with documentation that can be completed on the go to create configurable, easy-to-share reports.

Eliminate obstacles to traditional note-taking with Scene Doc:

  • Bad handwriting converts to clear text

  • Eliminates opportunity for human error

  • No shortage of photos, video, and other multimedia

  • Phases out photocopying notes to share information with colleagues

  • Reduces time spent combing through old notebooks

  • Cuts down on duplicated data entry

  • No physical storage constraints

  • Curtails disorganization caused by dated processes

Bylaw Enforcement

By using SceneDoc, bylaw officials can experience complete organization when conducting inspections and investigations, issuing electronic notices, reporting, parking enforcement, and animal services. The solution’s smart technology eliminates redundant data entry, which enables users to save time completing tasks by using just one device.

SceneDoc is adaptable to fit your needs:

  • Configurable report features allow officials to collect information based on the needs of their role.
  • Voice-to-text dictation saves time spent writing reports
  • Built-in ID scanner automatically populates report fields
  • Easy search and filtering help to improve organization
  • Digital signatures capabilities work to streamline workflow

Government Enforcement

Digital processes allow critical information to be documented and stored with flawless organization. With SceneDoc, there is no need for collation or duplicate entry, which makes issuing notices electronically a breeze. SceneDoc can issue infraction, non-compliance, and failure to comply notices, among others.

SceneDoc’s digital capabilities create operational efficiencies:

  • Secure cloud data storage that can be accessed anywhere
  • Real-time report updates to help relieve the administrative burden on your front line
  • Access to an exciting new pool of data to improve policies and operations
  • Eliminates duplicate entry points and lets data flow where it needs to

Law Enforcement

Empower your officers to capture richer information, complete work wherever they are, and eliminate the tedious administrative processes currently weighing them down. SceneDoc provides the ability for officers to analyze, extract, and share critical information easily with other departments and the court.

What your paper notebook can’t do, SceneDoc can:

  • eTicketing: Officers can digitally prepare and print a ticket for both the violator and court. The officer can also use API to batch provide multiple tickets for court.
  • Evidence capture: Officers can document evidence digitally from a scene by easily taking photos, video, and audio.
  • Investigations & case management: Officers can stay in the loop with organized content using SceneFiles. This gives the officers and dispatchers an opportunity to collaborate on information that is documented and stored all in one place.

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