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The Digital Notebook

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Our mobile software harnesses the capabilities in smartphones and tablets and aligns them to the needs of the front-line officer. By digitally defining your agency’s best practices, officers gain a structured collection process, with the ability to capture richer information from anywhere. Administrative burden, time loss, and stress are relieved, while information recall, sharing, and storage become seamless.
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  • Reduce administration

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Today’s paper-based notebooks

The notebook is a fundamental component of Canadian police work. Notes serve to refresh memory, justify decisions made and actions taken, record evidence, and support prosecutions. Today, Canadian agencies rely almost exclusively on pen and paper documentation to record their activity.

Disadvantages of paper and pen

While paper-based documentation is common across the country, so too are the frustrations stemming from this manual process:

  • Legibility due to bad handwriting
  • Absence of photos, video, and other multimedia
  • Photocopying notes as a means to share
  • Combing through old notebooks
  • Duplication of data entry
  • Physical storage constraints
  • Frustration at reliance on dated processes

It is time for the digital tools available today to assist in this process, equip officers and agencies with richer documentation, develop more efficient workflows, and ultimately empower them to keep up in today’s digital society.

Advantages of going digital

Faster, richer, and more secure digital notes benefit both the front line and the command staff.

Paper Digital
Written text only Text and multimedia
Inconsistent entry Structured entry
Handwriting legibility Digital entry methods
Cumbersome Efficient entry methods
Time spent searching Fully searchable
Photocopying No photocopying required
Transposition duplication No duplication required
Physical storage Secure cloud storage

How to move from paper to digital

Together with an agency, we document, map, and validate our understanding of the officers’ procedural requirements. The goal is not to change what the officer will be collecting, but to deliver convenience and structure to the process by inserting digital efficiencies where possible.

Common operational standards that benefit from digitization include notetaking, provincial offence notices (PON) or summonses, domestic violence, driving impaired, missing persons, fare infraction notices, field interviews, and more.

Define your own best practices

It is time for the digital tools that are available today to assist your agency. Equip your front line with a richer documentation tool, structured collection practices, and ultimately eliminate the tedious administrative processes currently weighing your agency down each and every day.

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