Data-Driven Student Information Systems

Every day, across your district, people are creating, accessing, analyzing, and updating data. Data is at the core of everything schools do, and so the technology that helps you manage it must be powerful, secure, and easy to use and learn. Tyler student information solutions provides classroom management, district administration, parent communication tools, and student data management your school requires.

Classroom Management

Classroom data collection is frequent and must be easily integrated into instruction. With the Tyler student information solution, each attendance mark, test grade, and homework assignment can be managed quickly, or even from a mobile device. With a flexible gradebook, assignments can be linked to state standards through either traditional or standards-based grades.

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District Administration

From scheduling to discipline events, from staff management to state reporting, the Tyler student information solution empowers administrators with a complete view of a district or school. With data analytics, administrators can look for trends and maximize teacher effectiveness.

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Parent Communication

Keep parents informed with a complete, integrated portal for parents and students, including a native mobile app. Parents can review classroom data, pay fees or meal account balances, and receive district announcements.

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Student Data Management

Manage every aspect of student information above and beyond the classroom with the Tyler student information system. Health and immunization records, transportation information, special needs, state assessments and more can be added to student records, reported on, and analyzed.

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Tyler Knows Schools

30+ Years of Experience

Our expertise is a direct result of more than 30 years of innovation and dedication to school solutions.

A Preferred Vendor

More than one million students are enrolled at districts using a Tyler student information solution.

Hosting Option

55 percent of Tyler student information clients are hosted in the cloud.

Creating a Connected District

When information flows seamlessly between administrators, staff, and parents, districts can advance their operations
and make student-first decisions. Tyler solutions help districts increase safety and efficiency, improve communication,
and help keep the focus where it should be: in the classroom.

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