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A Message to Our Clients from Tyler President & CEO Lynn Moore

May 20, 2020

To our Tyler family of clients,

After more than two months under work-from-home orders at Tyler, I'm pleased to report we continue to see good results as we work together with you to execute go-lives, resolve support issues, and advance project goals. Tyler team members and our public sector partners are finding new and innovative ways to connect and communicate with each other, despite restrictions on travel.

Tyler Is Committed to Reliability and Preparing for the Future

With continued uncertainty about how the COVID-19 pandemic will play out, we are doing our best to conduct business in a way that you can rely on. Our support teams resolve issues every day, responding as quickly as possible to ensure your systems are operating as expected. The conversations continue on Tyler Community, with users asking questions and sharing valuable information. And our development teams continue to put your maintenance dollars to work by further enhancing our products to better support your agency and by anticipating your future needs.

The focus on continued development is especially important as schools, local and state governments, and other public sector organizations discover the value of mobility, online engagement, and remote citizen interaction. Jurisdictions that were already discussing online processing in some cases have asked us to accelerate their implementations. Others are investigating how integrated workflows and remote access can help them respond to greater demand with fewer resources. As the mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, said on The New Yorker Radio Hour last week, "Even at city hall we don't need square footage; we need technology….because so much work can be done from home, we've learned."

Some Offices Opening for Phase 1 Return

Of course, we know work-from-home won't continue forever. We plan to execute a phased return, depending on CDC guidelines, local ordinances, and employee needs, while we closely monitor the pandemic. In fact, several Tyler offices – not all – will be entering "Phase 1" of our return-to-office plan in June. This means that some of our offices will be open to those who need to work in the office and to employees who prefer to be there, with a limit of no more than 25% capacity in the office at any given time.

Regardless of phase, we continue to look for virtual and remote meeting and support alternatives as travel is still discouraged for now.

The Tyler Difference

For years, Tyler has cited the strength of our company as a selling point for our products. When we talk about financial strength, it is only to assure you that we will be here for you for the long term. Our conservative, long-term strategy has enabled us to survive when our competitors stalled on product development or closed their doors. During this worldwide crisis, we are committed to protecting the jobs of Tyler employees so they will continue to support and improve the systems and services that are essential to the governments and communities that serve all of us. We know your role is mission-critical, and you need dependable tools – and reliable, stable technology partners – to fulfill that mission.

We are looking toward the future, and I hope you are, too. When we emerge from this crisis, we all will have learned new skills and technologies, and will likely have learned more about ourselves. We will have learned that we are capable of much more than we knew, and that we can depend on each other for support and inspiration.

Thank you for the work you are doing to sustain your communities, your colleagues, and your families. As always, please reach out to your Tyler account team if you have any concerns or updates related to your Tyler projects.

Stay safe and healthy as we continue this marathon together. I look forward to the day we can move on to new and exciting topics, and we look back on these days as part of history.

Lynn Moore
President & CEO