Citizen Services & Revenue Software Solutions

Improve efficiency for your office and your citizens.

With Tyler Citizen Services and Revenue, it’s easier than ever to deliver robust value-added citizen services — while improving ERP efficiency and effectiveness within your enterprise. This powerful suite of advanced ERP applications empowers departments within local and state governments to better manage citizen-facing services, such as community development offices, utilities, clerks offices, and tax billing and collection offices. Tyler Enterprise Resource Planning software and web-based services empower these departments to provide consistent and efficient service to their citizens.

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Benefits of Tyler Citizen Services & Revenue Solutions

  • Harness the power of Web-based services to more efficiently handle tasks for you:
    • Extend business hours — Provide convenient 24-hour access.
    • Alleviate routine requests — Give citizens access to frequently requested information.
    • Create efficiency — Deliver up-to-date data while reducing paper usage.
    • Save citizens time — Citizens access information directly.
    • Reduce carbon emissions — Citizens no longer have to come to your office for services.
  • Provides real- time insight into business processes for strategic decision making.
  • Improves operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Creates consistency of data and processes.
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