White Paper
Building A Digital Foundation That Won’t Crumble

Making Connected Communities a Reality

Tyler has the vision, resources, domain expertise, and the passion to focus on creating Connected Communities

A Strong, Complete GovTech Stack

Just like anything with connections, one missing piece can cause essential gaps in connectivity. A complete GovTech Stack is what enables Connected Communities to exist from a foundational level. It's a guide to which backend systems are needed to make sure there are secure, nimble, complete systems in place to help solve communities most pressing issues and challenges.

Family of Products

All of our software, applications, and solutions have a common look, feel, and user experience. Our products are specifically designed to work together and independently with extended functionality to grow and scale as your needs change and evolve.

A Common Foundation

Our applications work together across multiple jurisdictions sharing information and integrating workflow, tasks, and processes, opening the door for local governments and schools to connect to their communities like never before.

Shared Data

Tyler’s cloud-based dataXchange strengthens each agency’s ability to communicate, collaborate, and make data-driven decisions quickly by sharing information across multiple departments and jurisdictions. Real-time information at your fingertips, available when you need it.

Connected Applications and Tailored Portals

Citizens will be able to access data from Tyler Portico, a constituent portal that pulls information from multiple community agencies allowing easy access to information, and providing an easy way for citizens to engage with local government and schools.

Power of Presence

We deliver the best-of-breed products to the most diverse public sector installation base today, with more than 27,000 successful installations across 11,000 sites, spanning agencies, school departments, large counties, and small.