Benefits Administration for Veterans

There are 18.6 million American veterans of military service. Delivering comprehensive benefits to each deserving veteran in a timely manner requires powerful, proven, secure claim management software. ETK veterans' benefits helps VSOs manage the administration of benefits all in one place.
  • Streamlined user experience to keep VSOs running smoothly

  • Superior searching and reporting across all records

  • Specific workflows to support every stage of the benefit process

  • Automated forms and letters pre-populated with claimant information

  • Supports eligibility determination, enrollment, claims submissions, adjudication tracking

  • Web-based, secure collaboration

Serving Those Who Served

Future-Proof Claim Management

The result of 40 years of experience serving health and human services agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the veterans’ benefits solution is uniquely crafted to address the challenges related to entitlement benefits case administration.

  • VSOs are provided with the specific forms required to establish eligibility and enroll in benefits. The solution is available with the VA Benefits Intake API to make the process even faster.
  • It's designed to meet the acceptance requirements of the VA and state-run service commissions and is continuously upgraded to address the latest policies, procedures, and legislation that impact the process and the delivery of Veterans’ services.
  • Agencies can rely on the veterans’ benefits solution for comprehensive benefits administration, including outreach management, initial referral, evidence gathering, claim generation and submission, adjudication tracking, enrollment, benefits processing, and post-claim tracking.

Task Management Functionality

ETK veterans’ benefits automates paper-based processes for faster, more efficient processing.

  • Create, assign, and manage tasks and claims
  • Set reminders, monitor follow-up
  • Automate manual and paper-based processes

Multi-Criteria Reporting and Searching

Search on any field to find accurate and reliable information easily, with the most robust search engine on the market.

  • Search on every field within a claim
  • Report accurate and reliable information
  • Save, edit, and share pre-loaded and ad-hoc reports

Continually Updated VA Forms

Avoid delays in your claims administration process.

  • Access the most up-to-date version of VA forms
  • Eliminate errors – forms pre-populate with claimant information
  • Avoid delays in the claims administration process

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