Munis Software Suite – Financial ERP Software Solutions for Citizen Services

Real-time financial solutions for real-life issues.

From community development and clerks offices to utilities and tax billing and collections departments, Tyler’s Munis Citizen Services and Revenue helps you deliver all of the critical citizen services that the public wants. Designed specifically for state and local governments, this dynamic suite of  ERP applications helps you streamline all of your citizen-facing services for greater consistency and efficiency.

Our Munis Citizen Services & Revenue solutions work the way state and local governments do — empowering your enterprise to effectively deliver the type of services your constituents want. From accounts receivable to general billing, Munis ERP software streamlines the financial services of your entire enterprise.

Applications for Citizen Services
Accounts Receivable
Animal Licenses
Business Licenses
Central Property
Citizen Self Service
Citizen Transparency
General Billing
Jury Selection
Parking Tickets
Permits and Code Enforcement
Slip Reservations
Utility Billing CIS
Voter Registration
Tyler Incident Management

Integrated Services
Tyler Cashiering
Tyler Reporting Services
Tyler Role Tailored Dashboard
Tyler Forms
Tyler Content Manager

Tax Billing & Collection Products
CT Tax System
DE Real Estate Tax
GA Real Estate Tax
IL Motor Vehicle Stickers
LA Tax System
LA Tax Sale
MA Boat Excise
MA Motor Vehicle Excise
MA Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
MA Tax Title
MD Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
MD Tax Sale
ME Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
ME Tax Lien
ME Vehicle Registration
MI Tax BS A Interface
MO Tax System
NC Tax System
NH Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
NY Tax System
RI Tax System
TN Tax Billing
VA Tax System
WI Tax System

Benefits of Munis Citizen Services & Revenue Software Solutions

  • Provide real-time insight into business processes for strategic decision making.
  • Improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Create consistency of data and processes.
  • Harness the power of the Web-enabled Munis Citizen Self Service application to:
    • Extend business hours — Provide convenient 24-hour access.
    • Alleviate routine requests — Given citizens access to frequently requested information.
    • Create efficiency — Deliver up-to-date information while reducing paper usage.
    • Save citizens time — Citizens access information directly while reducing paper usage.
    • Reduce carbon emissions — Citizens no longer have to come to your office for services.
  • A Central ID file allows clients to view activity for multiple Munis applications on a single screen and process payments for multiple services in a single transaction.
  • Employs Munis MapLink for general mapping and spatial analysis tools with GIS data
  • Abridged, user-friendly views and access to data via the Role-Tailored Dashboard
  • Complete integration with Tyler’s electronic document management system
  • Integrate flexible form delivery across your organization with various output destinations through print, fax, e-mail and archive with TylerForms Output Solutions
Tyler Cloud-Based SolutionsCloud-Based Solutions

Other Tyler Citizen Services Products

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