Human Capital Management Software Solutions for the Public Sector

Your employees are your enterprise's most valuable asset. Tyler’s human capital management software helps you easily manage human resources and payroll data and processes and get the most value from your workforce.

More than 30 years of public sector focus provides us with the unique insight to develop human capital management software designed to work the way state and local governments do. As a result, Tyler’s human capital management solutions continually meet the vast majority of an organization’s functional requirements “out of the box.”

Product Suites
Integrate Human Resources and Payroll Data and Processes
Tyler human capital management software integrates all employee data — from hire to retire — in one enterprise-wide system.
  • Upload resumes, and track and evaluate applicants.
  • Create, access and modify employee records.
  • Assign employees to career paths and plan for job succession.
  • Implement a paperless payroll process and electronically reimburse employee expenses.
  • Provide employees with access to pay, benefits, career path and personal information.

Gain an Enterprise-wide View of Your Workforce
Comprehensive and tightly integrated with an intuitive user interface, Tyler human capital management software provides a truly enterprise-wide view into your workforce, enabling you to:

  • Analyze the health and needs of your workforce.
  • Hire and retain the right employees to meet your goals, needs and objectives.
  • Make strategic decisions about your organization and your workforce.
  • Improve the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of your state or local government in order to better serve citizens.


Do more with existing resources.

Lower costs and deliver better services to employees.

Reduce paperwork and overhead costs.

Make better decisions.

Manage workforce data from a single source.

Improve employee control over personal information and career paths.

Actively plan for business change.

Achieve organization goals and enhance workplace performance.

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