Munis—Function and Technology Consistent With Client Needs

By design Munis reflects a balanced approach between functional innovation and the practical application of technology that is consistent with client needs.

We utilize a number of technologies based on the capabilities we are delivering. These technologies include Microsoft® .NET, Microsoft SQL Server architecture, HTML5 and XML.

Understanding that not every user is the same, we perform focused usability testing with clients representing multiple job functions, resulting in intuitive user experiences for all types of users.

Tyler adds hundreds of enhancements to our Munis applications each year. With this significant investment in R&D, Tyler remains the industry leader in public sector business logic design. Business logic that:

  • Provides single-click access to a 360 degree view of relevant data through the use of Central Programs. The Central Programs were a direct response to the fact that organizations are continually asked to report on summary information from various screens and locations, which can be both time consuming and cumbersome.
  • Utilizes a graphic interface to help users build and manage workflow processes
  • Assists with complicated or infrequently used processes through the use of wizards with easy-to-follow directions that guide users step-by-step
  • Encourage the use of Green technology tools such as Tyler Content Manager for electronic storage and access to documents and content, Self Service applications that provide 24/7 Internet access to information and processes for employees, citizens, and business, and TylerForms for the electronic distribution of forms such as invoices and direct deposit advices.

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