Operating System & Database Administration Services

Safeguard your mission critical data.

Protect your most valuable data resources with Tyler’s Operating System and Database Administration (OSDBA) support service. With OSDBA, you gain the peace of mind knowing you have expert assistance for all of your database and system maintenance needs — including operating system and database management services, such as installations, upgrades, routine maintenance, system administrator software training and database tuning. Our team holds industry certifications such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP).

Your IT staff juggles everything from providing user support across multiple platforms and products, to keeping business operations running smoothly, securely and in the most cost-effective manner. OSDBA services are available with varying degrees of operating system services and database administration services to meet each client’s needs and budget.

Benefits of OSDBA Services

  • Robust Technical Support — OSDBA staff is trained specifically for Tyler server configurations. OSDBA delivers expanded technical support and migration services for Microsoft® SQL Server®, third-party software support, and database administration.
  • Cost Effective and Resource Efficient — Provides expertise without the high cost of additional in-house personnel; allowing you to shift IT staff from software administration and support to other mission critical initiatives.
  • Reliable Performance — Regular maintenance reduces downtime and ensures consistent performance. OSDBA services proactively monitor databases with routine health assessments to detect and correct any problems.
  • Single Source Support — With only one point of contact for both software support and system support, OSDBA takes full responsibility for resolving your issues.
  • Expanded Support Hours — OSDBA staff has extended hours and works weekends to assist your IT staff with any upgrades, installations and server migrations, without interrupting day-to-day business practices.

Today’s work environment for information technology professionals is complex — from providing support to users across multiple platforms and products, to keeping business operations running smoothly and securely.