Our Evergreen Philosophy

Tyler’s evergreen philosophy for Munis is really a commitment to our clients. It means that their investment in Munis is for the long-term. It means that Munis will continue to evolve and remain a market leader. It means that we are continuously enhancing our products with underlying technology. And it means that we are continuously adding new features that add value and increase efficiency in the public sector workplace.

We deliver this without additional license fees. Product upgrades are released as part of maintenance agreements and are immediately available.

Perpetual Upgrades
Tyler deploys industry leading technology and features that are continually enhanced through a process of perpetual upgrades — a steady stream of significant yet manageable changes deployed over the life of the application with minimal disruption to our clients’ operations — with no re-licensing fees and minimal changes to our core business logic. This is a much better experience for our clients than deploying massive changes every 5-7 years that require retraining and costly upgrades. Clients can incorporate these changes and advancements when they are ready without disruption of ongoing work.

Benefits of Evergreen

  • Availability of current technology and functionality
  • Lower cost of ownership — you won’t need to pay re-licensing fees when new versions of your licensed software are released
  • Minimal disruptions during deployment of new functionality
  • Minimizes the need for retraining after a significant update
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
Quality Releases with Powerful Administration Tools
We are sensitive to the challenge of adopting new technologies. We strive to deploy them in a non-disruptive manner and we follow a stringent vetting process prior to adopting new technologies.
  • Release Testing: The process begins with our usability testing with clients to ensure that the products are intuitive for all types of users. Of course, we perform quality assurance testing internally. We also employ a very successful Early Adoption Program with selected clients. These early adopters participate in an intense testing program and this “real world” testing enables Tyler to deliver the highest quality, customer-tested release.
  • Release Administrator: Based upon feedback from clients, this tool provides a level of transparency that is beneficial to both Tyler and our clients. It is connected to the Munis work ticket system and provides real-time status information on enhancements, support issues, and other information by version.
  •  Munis Internet Update: A system administrator uses this online tool to periodically check for and download updated Munis code. It keeps a running history of all releases and maintains log files and rollback options. System administrators can perform full or selective updates. The Munis Internet Update also comes in a “light” version that is view only”–a great tool for users who need to know the status of updates but do not have permissions to actually apply them to the system.