Munis Technical Client Support Services

Munis Technical Support is available to answer questions, resolve issues and ensure your Munis applications are running at peak performance. No matter what you need, we’re here to guarantee timely resolution of all your support issues.

Munis Technical Support is divided into product-specific teams that allow help desk staff to focus exclusively on one group of products or services.

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management (Payroll/HR/Pension)
  • Citizen Services & Revenues (Utility Billing/Tax/Permits/Licensing/Other Revenue)
  • TylerForms & Reporting Services

Timely Resolution
Our experienced, knowledgeable product managers, software technicians, support analysts and technical support specialists will work with you to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner. For us, it isn’t enough to resolve issues. That’s why we follow a proven, standardized method to ensure you have a positive experience — every time. At Tyler, we know that the quality of your experience is directly related to our ability to support you. That’s why our team actively pursues ways to continue their education and to seek Help Desk Institute certifications.

Contacting Munis Technical Support
No matter how simple your question or extensive your issue, at Tyler, all issues are entered into our customer relationship management system and given a unique incident number. Our Munis Technical Support offers several ways to work with you, based on the severity of the issue and your needs.
  • Call support directly. This is the recommended avenue to receive assistance with priority, critical and complicated support issues.
  • Log On to Online Support. Our product support site gives you the flexibility to log an issue, and to attach files or screenshots that may be helpful to support staff. You can also view all account, issue and survey data in real time. You will receive an automated email and the issue will be routed to the appropriate technical support team for response.
Join Tyler Community
Tyler Community is an online peer-to-peer support community allowing Tyler clients to share best practices and knowledge about Tyler products and services, supported by blogs, forums, libraries and wikis. Becoming a member of Tyler Community will help you answer product and service questions, learn more about the products you use, and connect with your public sector peers.