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Public Safety Software Solutions

Public safety professionals rely on Tyler solutions to improve situation awareness and enhance productivity

Choosing the right tool for the job is important. It's even more important when it comes to public safety software because of what is at stake — whether it is the safety of private citizens, law enforcement officers, fire and rescue personnel, or school resource and security officers

Across the country police, sheriff's departments, tribal police, transit authority police, postal police departments, and fire and rescue agencies chose Tyler' public safety software solutions because they need the right tools for the job:

  • 911 Dispatch »
    Manage single or multiple agency dispatching and accelerate the sharing of mission-critical information with first responders.
  • Jail Management & Corrections »
    Improve operational efficiency from intake and booking through housing and scheduling to the release of an inmate into probation and supervision.
  • Records Management »
    Handle the ever-growing day-to-day workload for law enforcement agencies with complete records management system solutions

We've drawn from our extensive experience to design, develop, deliver and support integrated public safety software systems to meet each agency's unique needs. Public safety personnel face tremendous challenges every day and we have a proven track record for delivering software and services to help them meet those challenges.

Tyler's commitment to the public sector — coupled with our insider' understanding of how to build, install, train, and maintain the most reliable, best-in-class, long-term technological solutions — make Tyler a leader among public safety software companies.

Tyler's Integration Advantage
While others say they are integrated, Tyler can deliver a truly integrated suite of robust public safety software for dispatch, records management, jail management — all with bidirectional data flowing to and from courts. Data is stored in a centralized database where, through role-based access, personnel can quickly retrieve and share information through the software's rich features. Automated functionality eliminates redundant manual steps for faster response times, better situational awareness and smarter reporting.
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The ability to speak police
lingo and present our product in a relative and simple way allows a police department to see how Tyler’s law enforcement products simplify their daily work.