Software for Law Enforcement Records Management

Intuitive, integrated, comprehensive law enforcement records management system for police departments, sheriff departments and other law enforcement agencies

Across the country, police departments, sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement agencies choose Tyler’s law enforcement records management solutions because we deliver results, enabling local law enforcement agencies to be more effective, accessible, and responsive to citizens’ needs.

Choosing the right tool for the job is important. It's even more important when public safety is at stake — whether it be the safety of private citizens, law enforcement officers, fire and rescue personnel, or school resource and security officers.

Odyssey Law Enforcement
Tyler Public Safety Records Management System (RMS)

Tyler’s commitment to the public sector — coupled with our insider’s understanding of how to build, install, train, and maintain the most reliable, best-in-class, long-term technological solutions — make Tyler one of the most trusted and reliable law enforcement software companies today.

Odyssey Law Enforcement
Odyssey Law Enforcement software provides sheriff's offices and other agencies with a complete records management system to handle your ever-growing day-to-day workload. It empowers you to organize, search and report detailed information with ease. Requests for service, civil papers, incident reporting, and even personnel information can all be maintained by a single, intuitive system.
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Law enforcement information is maintained in a central database that allows easy integration with mapping, data analysis and field reporting tools, and provides customizable reporting features that produce professional and court-presentable documents. Odyssey Law Enforcement software gives you the control you need to effectively manage incidents, property, papers and personnel. Information is managed logically and exports easily to a variety of customized reports, including Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR).
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Odyssey Law Enforcement software is integrated with other Odyssey applications as well as with Tyler Public Safety applications, including Computer Aided Dispatch and Mobile Dispatching

Tyler Public Safety Records Management
A core component of the Tyler Public Safety product suite, the Records Management System (RMS) includes more than 30 essential law enforcement, criminal investigation, and administration record management modules. This law enforcement software application manages information such as master data files, arrests and field interviews, traffic reports and citations, and incident and offense reports.

Data is stored centrally, allowing access from other applications. Tyler Public Safety Records Management System supports multimedia files, photo lineups, multi-agency security and incident workflow. All state-specific and UCR/NIBRS reporting is built-in allowing officers to streamline mandatory reporting to local, state and federal offices. And when RMS is combined with Mobile Operations, officer safety and effectiveness is secured.