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School districts must work harder than ever to manage the needs of their constituents — students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers, not to mention local and statewide governing bodies and agencies. Now, more than ever, it's critical that schools function well as a cohesive system — from the classroom and the business office to the transportation department and the superintendent's office.

Tyler School Solutions empower K-12 schools to bridge the silos of information between their departments with integrated school district management software.

Boundary District Planning Data Analytics
Document Management Financial Management
Incident Management Special Education
Student Information Transportation


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School Management & Administration Software Solutions

Boundary & District Planning Automates the analysis of data, such as student populations, building capacities and community boundaries, simplifying the difficult process of planning.

Data Analytics — Combines and transforms data from multiple databases into highly usable information that supports effective decision-making.

Document Management — Saves time and money by managing all your district's document online.

Financial & Human Capital Management — Enhances the school's most essential business functions, integrating vital financial, budgeting and procurement data, and enabling management of human resources and payroll data and processes.

Incident Management — Records and manages records for all incidents that occur at school or on the bus, including student discipline tracking.

Special Education — Provides the tools to help schools, districts and educators stay compliant and to develop an IEP (Individual Education Program) for each student.

Student Information — Helps leverage data to better manage classrooms and the district at large, providing key administrators and teachers with the resources to make informed decisions, while parents and students benefit from easy online access to student data.

Transportation — Empowers schools to efficiently and cost effectively manage day-to-day transportation needs using route building, field trip scheduling, fleet maintenance management, GPS data collection, retrieval and use, as well as "what-if" scenarios for planning.