Tyler Pulse

Tyler Pulse Provides Meaningful Data to Support Informed Decision-Making

Informed decision-making is the only reasonable approach to management. Many government organizations and school districts are told that they need a costly data warehouse to support this process, when what they really need is highly processed information that they can obtain from Tyler Pulse.

Tyler Pulse is an advanced analytics tool that acts as a central repository and combines and transforms data from multiple databases within your organization into highly usable information that is easily accessible and delivered in a useful format.

Tyler Pulse is designed specifically for government organizations and school districts and is a more affordable alternative to a typical data warehouse tool. Pulse turns data into meaningful, aggregated information that is ready-to-use to support analytical decision-making.

Pulse can integrate data from multiple disparate systems into singular dashboards, advanced graphics, and reports providing you with an enterprise wide view of consolidated, meaningful, management-level information.

The result is an interactive, analytical tool that

  • Is implemented significantly faster and for one third of the cost of the most inexpensive alternative.
  • Requires less than 10% of the staffing needs of other alternatives.
  • Operates at considerably faster runtime speeds.
  • Requires less than half of the computer resources of any other comparable system.

Benefits of Pulse
Affordable — a highly cost effective data warehouse specifically designed for local government and school districts.

Scalable — designed to work for organizations of any size.

Dynamic Charts — easy to read charts with links to allow for further drill down and analysis.

Year-to-year Comparison — archive historical periods that can be used as benchmarks.

Easy Deployment — Web-based system for easy deployment and minimal maintenance.

Pulse Integration — create bridges between products to product integrated information.

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