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Upcoming Live Webinar Topics

Microsoft Dynamics AX Webinars
Dynamics AX for Transportation
Join us for a 30-minute tour of Dynamics AX — the financial software tailored to the transportation industry. See how this powerful ERP can:

  • Integrate finances across operations
  • Manage capital improvements
  • Track multiple funding sources
  • Improve budget forecasting and contract management
  • and so much more

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Tyler SIS Webinars
Why You Need Tyler SIS Online Registration
At districts across the country, families are tasked with filling out huge piles of paperwork in order to register each of their students at the start of each school year. Parents are often confused and exhausted by the huge amount of paperwork, and may struggle to fill out and return every sheet. Meanwhile, district staff must print, pack and mail all of the forms, then track returns and enter huge amounts of data which has often been written down incorrectly or illegibly.

It's time for a better system: Online Registration, a Tyler SIS application which streamlines the registration process. Parents can easily fill out forms online via the Tyler SIS portal, typing in information as they go. Family-wide demographic information only needs to be entered once, no matter how many children they have. Front office staff simply review and approve the information. They can track whether forms are in progress or submitted and email reminders to parents who have not completed and submitted their forms.

Join us for this brief, live webinar to learn how Tyler SIS Online Registration:

  • Improves parents’ registration experience
  • Saves time, money and paper by eliminating mailings
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry work
  • Increases data accuracy

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Versatrans Webinars
Tyler Telematic GPS: Powerful Data and Diagnostics
Upgrade your fleet with GPS technology from Tyler Technologies. Tyler Telematic GPS delivers accurate location, time and odometer readings, and creates measurable return on investment by providing diagnostic information about vehicle, driver and engine.

Tyler Telematic GPS is the only solution that can provide significant cost savings in four important areas:

  • Productivity and route efficiency
  • Preventive vehicle maintenance
  • Bus driver training
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance

And our GPS hardware includes cutting edge features such as an expandable IOX harness, plug-and-play installation and accident detection and reporting.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar to learn how Tyler Telematic GPS can save your district time and money!

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