Planning Connected Communities

Connected Communities

As communities continue to grow, add businesses and improve the lives of their citizens, connectivity becomes an essential part of everyday tasks.

Connected communities make new construction projects more efficient for developers, help citizens gain increased insight into the process, empower departments to tear down siloes and ultimately enhance the lives of everyone involved. Read on to learn how to empower your community to become more connected.

microphone Podcast: Exploring Connected Communities with Art Vander Vis of Los Angeles County, CA


Want to learn how the concept of Connected Communities is being applied in real communities? Check out our podcast — we're joined by Art Vander Vis, Los Angeles County's principal engineer, to discuss technology, innovation, drones, beaches and how his county is building a connected community.

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The Plan Review Process

The Plan Review Process

Three Ways to Create Connected Communities

The plan review process plays a special role in helping communities become more connected. Connected communities enjoy a variety of benefits, from easy information sharing to increased transparency.

Plan reviewers have the unique opportunity to leverage technology that brings out the best in their communities by drawing them closer together.

Read our industry insight to discover the three ways you can help increase connectivity in your community »


Want to integrate department stakeholders during permitting?

Watch how Tyler automates and streamlines the process

Open Data

Industry Insight Open DataSmart communities use open data to keep their constituents both informed and engaged. EnerGov’s open data service, EnerGov OData, allows your government organization more connectivity, flexibility and transparent communication with constituents than ever before. Using OData, your IT staff has the power to create specialized applications that display a customized combination of open source data in the GIS environment, on the Web, mobile devices, and for other external or community-based uses. With EnerGov OData, you have the flexibility and connectivity you need to display the information most pertinent to those you serve.

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