What to Expect

You may be asking yourself, what's next? Our products are unique and each have unique processes; however, no matter the project, we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

Here is how the process typically works:

  • Step 1

    Resources will be assigned to your project. Most of this work will be behind the scenes as Tyler prepares staff and resources to take on your new endeavor.

  • Step 2

    Initial project documents will be emailed to you. The information gathered from these documents will give us the information we need to get started, plan meetings and begin our working relationship.

  • Step 3

    An implementation representative will talk through all project documents. In some cases, a meeting will be scheduled. This meeting will include all key personnel who are involved in ensuring your project is successful.

  • Step 4

    Tyler's team of implementation professionals will begin to work with your IT team to safely retire your legacy software and implement your new solution.

  • Step 5

    After installation, your organization will continue to be fully supported by Tyler’s team of experts. And you will enjoy the benefit of a strong support staff, annual user conferences, our EverGuide initiative and so much more.

The Tyler Advantage

Supporting Your Success