Flexible Regulatory Oversight Software

Regulatory case management provides licensing, enforcement, and revenue management in a single database and unified application. Out of the box you’re armed with a wealth of regulatory-specific transactions and workflows — with best-practice configurations, business rules, and terminology built right in.

  • Quickly and affordably automate the regulatory oversight lifecycle

  • Add new processes for each program and license type

  • Enable consistent transactions across self-service portals and back-office functions

Manage Regulatory Oversight Challenges

Overseeing licensees across a diverse range of industries, professions, and license types, for both large umbrella agencies and individual boards, Tyler ETK Regulatory can provide regulatory oversight for every licensing scenario, including professional, occupational, banking and securities, business, health, agriculture, alcohol, and education licenses. Tyler solutions are used by:

  • The largest central licensing agencies in the U.S. to manage hundreds of license types and millions of active licensees.
  • 24 banking and securities agencies that examine and oversee state chartered and licensed financial entities.
  • 17 state departments of health that regulate healthcare professionals and facilities.
  • Single boards in dozens of states to regulate alcoholic beverages, professional contractors, realtors, geoscientists, taxi operators, and more.

Powerful Technology for Digital Transformation

Tyler ETK Regulatory is secure, configurable, scalable, and easy to maintain.

  • Out of the box, the Tyler ETK Regulatory product includes workflows, templates, and forms configured to support specific roles and standards from a common platform.
  • Organizations can continuously configure the system to meet ever-evolving standards and directives, even without the help of developers.
  • Tyler ETK Regulatory is Section 508 compliant, operating system independent, and built to open standards.

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