2022 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards

You've exhibited leadership, innovation and excellence by developing, deploying or maintaining your Tyler solution in new and successful ways — and you've realized the benefits.

Share your unique insights with your peers so that others can benefit from your success, and be recognized for it!

January 28, 2022 was the final day for submission for the 2022 Tyler Excellence Awards. Winners will be notified by March 1, 2022.

Why Does Tyler Award Excellence?

The Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards were established to acknowledge clients who demonstrate leadership, innovation, and excellence in developing, deploying, and maintaining Tyler solutions in new ways — because our clients are a big part of why our solutions are so successful. Share how you have realized high-impact value — Return on Effort (ROE) or Return on Investment (ROI) — with a Tyler solution by entering to win a Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award.

Clients that have implemented one (or more) of the following Tyler products are eligible to participate:

  • Brazos
  • CAVU eLicense
  • CLT Appraisal Services
  • DHD
  • Eagle
  • EnerGov
  • Entellitrak
  • iasWorld
  • Incode (court)
  • Incode (ERP)
  • Infinite Visions
  • MobileEyes
  • Modria
  • Munis
  • New World (ERP)
  • New World (public safety)
  • Odyssey
  • Orion
  • re:Search
  • Socrata
  • SoftCode
  • STAR Financial
  • Traversa
  • Tyler Corrections
  • Tyler Detect
  • Tyler EAM
  • Tyler Jury
  • Tyler SIS
  • Tyler Supervision
  • Tyler Verify
  • Tyler Virtual Court
  • VERSA Regulation
  • Versatrans

What Types of Accomplishments Are Recognized?

Inspire your peers by sharing unique insights, such as how you…

  • Created a unique change process using a Tyler application or service
  • Realized significant savings after implementing a Tyler solution
  • Improved operational efficiencies by leveraging the capabilities of your Tyler solution
  • Increased staff productivity by implementing a Tyler application or service
  • Empowered employees, citizens, or vendors through online self-service or e-filing features

Entry Requirements

Deadline for all submitted materials is January 28, 2022. Winners will be notified by March 1, 2022. All applicants will be notified if a follow-up interview is necessary after entries have been reviewed.

Any Tyler client who has implemented a Tyler solution before December 31, 2021, is eligible to enter. No additional purchase this year is needed to be eligible. Entries may come from one person or from a group of people at a single organization.

Evaluation Process

Entrants may apply once for each Tyler solution used. Please submit a separate application form and the required supplemental information for every entry. We encourage you to provide as much detail and information as possible on your entries. Entries will be judged on:

  • Organizational Efficiency and Productivity — Tyler applications or services improved overall workflow efficiencies or processes improved staff productivity.
  • Organizational Responsiveness — Tyler applications or services improved your ability to provide information to employees, vendors or citizens.
  • Business Value — Tyler applications or services allowed your organization to accomplish something that had a large impact or of significant value.
  • Innovation — Your organization is using Tyler applications or services in unique and innovative ways.
  • Relevance — Your experience is applicable to other organizations using Tyler solutions.
  • COVID-19 Response — Your agency was able to handle transitions, changes, and/or other effects from the pandemic by using Tyler software.

Rules for Participation

  1. Agree to adhere to the above-mentioned rules.
  2. Have senior management approval to participate in the Tyler Technologies Public Sector Excellence Awards contest.
  3. Participate in a video and/or written case study, unless prohibited by state law or jurisdictional authority.
  4. Agree that as a winner you can receive*:
    1. Airfare to Connect 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    2. Hotel accommodations for 3 nights (May 15-18, 2022)
  5. Tyler Advisory Board members who choose to judge the Awards and enter into the Awards contest must agree to not vote for their submission or solicit votes for their organization’s entry.
  6. Agree to and understand that Tyler may use final entries for promotional materials.

*Federal clients please verify your eligibility for this benefit with the agency designee.


January 28, 2022 was the final day for submission for the 2022 Tyler Excellence Awards.

Winners will be notified by March 1, 2022.

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