Secure, Online Access for Your Constituents

Provide the public with secure, online access to your county’s land and official records. Increase the transparency of your office, as well as enable constituents to search, download, retrieve, and even purchase documents themselves.

  • Save staff time processing requests
  • Minimize the lines in your office
  • Modernize your operations
  • Become more accessible to constituents
  • Free up staff time to handle other pressing issues
  • Take advantage of advanced search functions
  • Control what data is accessible

Empower Your Constituents

Be more accessible and responsive to your constituents by giving them an online gateway to access land and official records in your jurisdiction.

  • Access records 24/7
  • Use advanced search functions
  • Bridge communication gaps with multiple available language options
  • Supply instruction boxes to help users fill out electronic forms
  • Order and pay for documents online

Free Up Your Staff to Do More

Empowering your constituents to do their own research frees up your staff to do more and focus on more critical issues.

  • Encounter less interruptions from constituent inquiries
  • Reduce the number of phone calls
  • Experience shorter lines in the office
  • Better serve the needs of all constituents
  • Provide transparency to public records

Stay in Control

Limit access to the data your constituents can view and the environment in which they can view it.

  • Allow constituents to view records online or at an in-office kiosk
  • Control the look and feel of your Eagle Self-Service pages
  • Restrict the ability to view specific types of data

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Accomplishing More Through Streamlined Processes

Read more about how Eagle™ and self-service kiosks helped the Riverside County Assessor-County Clerk Recorder increase staff productivity and shift the responsibility of data accuracy on applications and search inquiries to the customer.

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County Office Maximizes Time With Efficient Records Management Solutions

Eagle Self-Service allows constituents to search documents and fulfill records requests online or at an in-office kiosk. Lyon County Recorder’s Office uses Eagle Self-Service to make better use of staff time and resources and to strengthen its relationship with title companies.

More About Lyon County Recorder’s Office

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