Online Plan Administration

Your agency's plan review and submittal process can now be administered within a paperless, browser-based environment. Integrated with EnerGov ePortal and linked to EnerGov’s geographic information system (GIS) features for geospatial viewing, interaction, and reporting, eReviews allows you to easily digitize plans so all stakeholders can access and manage a more collaborative review and approval process.

  • Paperless plan submission process
  • Powerful and seamless workflow collaboration within the EnerGov regulatory process
  • Digital markups and approval stamps
  • File analysis with version overlay comparisons
  • Calibration, scaling, and snap functions for measurements
  • Version control/comprehensive audit trail
  • Approved plans published for field inspector access
  • Plans archived for agency and emergency retrieval
  • Departmental permission
  • Collaborative interaction with constituents with seamless integration into EnerGov's public ePortal

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