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Corrections Mobile Application

Integrated, Comprehensive Jail Management Software

Enterprise Corrections delivers the features and functionality you need, no matter how large or small your jail facility. Automate business processes and drive efficiencies at intake, release, and everything in between. Integration among agencies provides immediate access to critical information about residents, creating a chain of efficiencies, including the automatic flow of information from one agency to the next, while maintaining protective layers of security around sensitive data.

  • Ensure the safety of residents and staff, including tracking resident movements, automated alerts when security-related issues exist, and managing threat groups and keep separates

  • Track resident booking and release to ensure all steps are properly carried out and recorded

  • Share information and workflow between courts, jails, and law enforcement so jail personnel have the critical information (warrant, hearing, sentencing, etc.) they need

  • Customize operations by automating tasks and workflows and improve staff efficiency

Efficient, Expedient Intake and Release

Workflows, checklists, and an associated graphical status monitor provide mechanisms for tracking the intake and release processes associated with a resident and assist in identifying where a resident is in the workflow.

  • Create specific intake workflow for your agency
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and expedite the booking process by creating pre-booking queues from the field
  • Capture arrest information, photos, charge information, NCIC background checks, and bail detail
  • Include medical and mental health questionnaires and assessments
  • Make intake data available to users based on security roles
  • Provide positive identification through biometrics

Resident and Staff Safety

The most challenging issue that any jail faces is how to create and maintain a secure environment — how to protect staff, residents, and the public. Corrections ensures security from intake to housing to managing and tracking movements of your residents to release.

  • Manage and track movements of your residents
  • Designate residents as security threats and association with gangs
  • Notify staff automatically of security-related issues
  • Use integrated imaging to record scars, marks, and tattoos
  • Trust resident identification and verification with biometric fingerprints
  • Improve officer and resident safety with comprehensive background checks in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database

Real-Time Classification and Housing

Corrections officers easily determine applicable and available housing based on resident-specific factors and provides a quick and effective means for assignment or re-assignment of a resident into a specific bed location.

  • Examine current counts, operational capacities, and associated vacancies
  • Define keep separates (or non-associations) at both the individual and group levels (e.g., gang or security threat group)
  • Observe movement activity, including assignment of a resident into a cell
  • Review the jail roster’s hierarchical display of all jail locations and view the jail and the jail count
  • View real-time, automated count capability to identify open cells, residents in transit, and residents currently located outside of their assigned bed location

Operational Efficiency

Automate business processes and drive efficiencies at intake, release, and everything in between.

  • Customize workflow and task management
  • Track resident property upon intake or issued during incarceration
  • Manage resident programs including defining course attributes, enrolling residents with keep separate notification, and tracking movements, attendance, progress, and results
  • Administer resident funds, handle collection of bonds (or equivalent), and transact other miscellaneous payments via the Resident Accounting and Finance feature
  • Use dashboards to monitor operational trends and insights for more informed management decisions

Go Mobile While You Work

Our Corrections Mobile application is fully integrated with Enterprise Corrections, so you can go mobile and complete your corrections work while you’re away from your desk. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can access accurate, up-to-date information about your facility’s residents right on your handheld device. Corrections officers can use the app to log observations, movements, rounds, and track activities, all without going back to their desks. Corrections Mobile also automates tasks that once required data entry at a desktop by turning them into quick validations that officers can complete with just a tap. With Corrections Mobile, you can:

  • Work whether you’re connected to or disconnected from Wi-Fi
  • Use NFC (Near Field Communication) to complete tasks
  • Complete cell checks with observation on your device
  • Quickly identify residents, monitor resident movement, and easily track resident and officer activity
  • Enhance the security check process

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