Tyler Technologies is proud to welcome VendEngine to our family under the new name: Resident Resources

Easy, Automated Access to Commissary, Family, Law, Health, and Safety Resources for a Better-Working Facility Environment

Resident Resources is a cloud-based technology solution suite designed specifically for any correctional facilities needs. Ranging from mobile deposits to trust fund management, grievances or a myriad of resident-friendly communication platforms, Resident Resources offers comprehensive corrections applications that are second to none.

Resident Resources is currently installed in more than 300 jail and correctional facilities across the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean and syncs with nearly any phone, commissary, or JMS provider in North America.

We provide the most advanced integrated cloud-based system for your facility with commissary, communications, facility management, and electronic payment platforms, combined with mobile applications for family members and jail administration. Our team is focused on delivering technology solutions that improve the work life of your employees while assisting residents and their family members with access to information and easy-to-use communication modules.

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Electronic Messaging

Friends and families can send electronic messages directly to individuals, reducing physical mail by up to 85%. Our messaging system is completely free to the resident’s family members in most cases, including sending in photos and attachments. We provide a keyword search index that pre-screens each message before delivery, so you can review any flagged messages before they are read.  

24/7 Deposit Solutions

Our booking, lobby, mobile app, and online deposit systems are convenient and user-friendly for both officers and the general public. The free CorrectPay app is available in the Android and Apple Stores for relatives of residents to deposit money for commissary orders, phone minutes, visitation scheduling, electronic messaging, and much more. We typically offer the lowest fees in the country. 

More Resident Resources Features

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