Arrive Better Prepared to a Fire Emergency
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Empower Fire Crews With Instant Access to Critical Data

Enterprise Fire Field Mobile is an intelligent app that extends mission-critical data into the field via smartphone, smartwatch, and/or tablet.

By extending the power of computer aided dispatch information into the field, fire crews can remove the unknown from a fire emergency through access to data at the station, in transit, and on the scene.

  • Immediate access to incident summary reports, alerts, real-time information, and incident narrative

  • View of map layers, GIS data, pre-plans, fire hydrant locations, and on-site hazards

  • Provide all crew members with instant access to role-based and mission-critical data

  • Self-dispatch to an active call using a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet 

Prepare Attack Plans Before Arrival

With Enterprise Fire Field Mobile, fire crews have mission-critical data at their fingertips. Incident commanders, engineers, firefighters, and even the battalion chief driving separately to the scene can access live CAD data directly from the app. Accessible information includes:

  • Call and type of location
  • Routing information 
  • Alerts regarding people and locations
  • Access to pre-plan information
  • Updated, real-time call narratives and secure messaging
  • Spoken commands for hands-free functionality

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Enterprise Fire Field Mobile can improve safety.

App Equips Fire Crews With Vital Data

Instant access to mission-critical data is changing the game for fire crews on the job.

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Arrive Better Prepared to a Fire Emergency

Tyler's Enterprise Fire Field Mobile equips all members of a fire crew with role-based data.

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