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Manage Time, Attendance, & Scheduling

ExecuTime manages time and attendance as well as advanced scheduling, offers your employees self-service functionalities, and allows you to closely manage overtime, job costing, and labor data to reduce expenses.

ExecuTime provides enterprise workforce management for small towns, big cities, counties, utility districts, schools, and other private sector organizations.

  • Automate timekeeping
  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify scheduling
  • Reduce errors
  • Cloud-based
ExecuTime Users Include

Automate and Simplify Timekeeping

Simplify payroll processing, time tracking, and benefits accrual tracking with ExecuTime Time & Attendance.

  • Enter and track time types
  • Manage time off requests
  • Apply job costing while handling multiple pay periods and FLSA guidelines
  • Manage complex time tracking rules and pay codes
  • Automate payroll software integration

Advanced Scheduling for Public Safety, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation

Simplify complex police, fire, and parks and recreation staff scheduling while minimizing labor costs and overtime expenses. This fully integrated, easy-to-use solution easily scales to suit the needs of small, medium, and large organizations.

  • Manage overtime eligibility, work limits, and certifications
  • Post open positions for sign up or bidding
  • Time exchange feature simplifies shift swaps and shift trades
  • Manage unlimited number of schedules and shifts
  • Flexible reporting

Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

While you can’t always be at your computer, you can manage time, attendance, and scheduling wherever you are with ExecuTime mobile solutions.

  • Provides solid integration with numerous time collecting interfaces such as web browsers, time clocks, phone, text messaging, IVR, proximity readers, and biometrics
  • Employees easily clock in or out and access a variety of time and attendance tools
  • Managers can approve timesheets, resolve exceptions, and handle employee requests on the go
  • Geofencing and geolocation options can help manage a mobile field team
  • Available as a cloud-based solution

Advanced Integration With Tyler Solutions

Whether you are using Munis®, Incode®, New World ERP, Eden, Infinite Visions®, or other Tyler payroll solutions, you will have the tightest integration in the industry with ExecuTime.

This integration reduces and/or fully eliminates dual entry between timekeeping and payroll, addresses common hassles of managing two sets of security, and eliminates the need to manipulate interface files. In addition to integration with Tyler solutions, we support many of the most popular payroll systems in the public sector.

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