Integrated Property Data Solution

With iasWorld CAMA, you can manage the entire property assessment process with a complete web-based, GIS-enabled toolset and a full complement of valuable features. Use this flexible, scalable, and integrated computer-assisted mass appraisal solution to manage all aspects of your property appraisal needs, including assessment administration, property maintenance, and valuation and appeals.

  • Uphold fair and equitable taxation
  • Stay on top of ever-changing legislation
  • Bring together all needed information, including third-party software and data
  • Streamline daily operations and boost productivity
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions

The Right Features for Assessment Success

Modern, sophisticated features help you tackle everything from executing the day-to-day responsibilities of your office to generating the fairest and most equitable taxation possible. And when you need it, customized features can help you address your most unique needs.

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