Streamline your operations by providing your constituents online. Your constituents can enjoy the convenience of accessing and submitting information with your office online — while your staff spends less time re-entering data and more time attending to other pressing matters.

  • Provide easy online form access for users
  • Add validation rules to ensure users are entering information correctly
  • Gain immediate access to information within newly filed forms
  • Building efficiency while saving time and money
  • Accept virtually any kind of data from any constituent

Provide the Online Service Your Constituents Want

With iasWorld SmartFile, your constituents can access needed forms from any device at any time, and automatically receive the assistance they need to fill out and submit them.

  • Allow taxpayers to complete and submit forms in the comfort of their homes
  • Make completing forms easier by enabling constituents to preload data from a prior year's filing
  • Provide step-by-step instructions and validations when completing forms to ensure accuracy
  • Notify users on the status of an application as it moves through the process
  • Achieve faster turnaround with immediate access to new taxpayer information

Increase Time and Cost Efficiencies

While it's often said that time is money, your office can save both when taxpayers use iasWorld SmartFile.

  • Minimize the number of traditional paper forms you need to print, file, and manage
  • Reduce the cost of mailing out paper forms and applications
  • Cut processing time from days to hours with immediate access to information submitted online
  • Reduce errors and staff time performing manual data entry
  • Reallocate staff to more important tasks as phone calls and office visits decrease
  • Move closer to a paperless work environment
Accept Any Data from Any Source>

Accept Any Data from Any Source

By making forms available online, you're also providing citizens with an opportunity to discover other forms they could submit, such as exemptions for the elderly and veterans. Once your constituents submit their forms, the data is available for immediate use by your office.

  • Personal property filings
  • Manufactured homes transfers
  • Homestead filings
  • Exemptions
  • Income and expense payments
  • Hearing applications and scheduling
  • Estate tax filings
  • Delinquent payment contracts

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