Use Today's Latest Technology to Extend, Collect, and Distribute Taxes

Simplify day-to-day responsibilities, streamline processes, and deliver convenience to constituents. Easily track detailed property maintenance, tax notification, and tax fund collection information, such as bills, payments, adjustments, property fees, and till deposits, using this comprehensive tax administration solution. Find out why tax offices across the U.S., Canada, and beyond rely on it to produce, distribute, and collect on more than seven million tax bills every year.

  • Eliminate data entry through tight integration with your iasWorld CAMA™ solution
  • Manage the entire tax billing, collection, and distribution process
  • Control and monitor tax revenue throughout the collection cycle
  • Track delinquent taxes from billing and collection through foreclosure and sale
  • Increase operational efficiencies as you lower your costs and minimize risk
  • Use real-time insights for data-driven decision making

Ensure Accuracy in Tax Calculations and Distributions

Easily manage local property value information, owner information, and your jurisdiction's tax rates to calculate and deliver fair and accurate property tax bills.

  • Maintain a variety of tax rate structures
  • Calculate property taxes and charges by batch or individual processing
  • Set automated posting at intervals that work best for you
  • Generate tax bills in real time for both small quantity and mass distribution mailings
  • Maintain owner mailing information, including multiple owners and mailing addresses for a single property
  • Adjust tax charges due to value changes, fee adjustments, and rate changes
  • Reverse or redistribute tax payments based on adjustments

Simplify Receiving and Processing Tax Collections

Make it easier for constituents to pay and your staff to process and post property tax bill payments.

  • Accept a variety of payments, including cash or check, in-office or only via Tyler Cashiering, lock box and mortgage company payments, or automated clearing house processing
  • Issue refunds in cases of overpayment
  • Collect funds for future outstanding tax charges
  • Establish and maintain multi-year property-based special assessments
  • Integrate with an enterprise cashiering system to accommodate jurisdiction-wide over-the-counter cashiering needs, such as tax collection, licenses, parking fees, and more

Perform Fast and Accurate Tax Settlement and Disbursement

Increase the efficiency of organizing the funds you receive and how you distribute them to taxing authorities.

  • Define the percentage of funds allocated to each authority
  • Decide the order in which you want to pay authorities
  • Rely on the software to automatically consider tax credits reimbursable to the jurisdictions from other agencies
  • Distribute tax information through your jurisdiction's financial software to general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable

Recover Delinquent Tax Revenue

Establish payment plans, calculate installments, and collect more
revenue with iasWorld Delinquent Tax™.

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