Put Real-Time Data in the Hands of First Responders

The Incode® public safety iPad® app raises the standard for situational awareness and officer safety. This bi-directional app is CJIS Security compliant to deliver mission-critical mobile CAD and RMS functionality and better help first responders make quick decisions and communicate more effectively in the field.

  • Constant Access - wherever there is a cell or WiFi signal
  • Robust Messaging and Chatting Features
  • Familiar Touch and Swipe Features
  • Option for windows-based mobile application

Flexible CAD Functionality

Keep real-time information in your hands at all time.

  • View real-time data as it is entered by dispatch
  • Situational data relayed through screen eliminates the need for first responder-to-dispatcher verbal communication
  • Notify dispatcher of status changes using the touch screen
  • Mobile Device Management can wipe the iPad completely clean if it is lost or stolen
  • Upload evidence documents to the media database
  • Generate case numbers

Convenient RMS Access

Spend less time at the station doing paper work by accessing the Incode public safety RMS system from wherever you are at the time.

  • Complete and submit incident reports
  • Check for warrants in real-time
  • Complete arrest paperwork prior to arriving at the holding facility
  • Collect and record field interview data
  • Complete vehicle impound paperwork from the scene

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A Solution for Everything

A Solution for Law Enforcement

Incode Public Safety is designed to help cops to just be cops – less paperwork, less time sitting in front of acomputer, and less time filing the same report in different places.

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Courts and public safety agencies of all sizes and locations have one thing in common: the need to improve collaboration, to share information among agencies and all offices in the justice system, and to provide powerful tools to legal professionals for day-to-day operations.

Tyler’s courts and public safety solutions help to break down barriers and share information more easily and more securely across all public safety and justice agencies.
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Creating safer communities and a more just society. 

From dispatch to disposition, Tyler Alliance connects data and processes between public safety and criminal justice departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. By breaking through the silos, Tyler Alliance is improving safety, responsiveness, and efficiency and administration of justice.

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