Addresses, names, phone numbers, facts about the incident — the information has to be accurate. The safety of your citizens and patrol officers depend on it. The Incode® public safety Records Management System (RMS) makes researching, recording, reporting, and analyzing the details of any incident easy, accurate and efficient.

  • State and Federal Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Integrated GIS Mapping
  • Field Interviews Records
  • Vehicle Impound Management
  • Permits and Registrations Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Evidence Management
  • Cloud-based Option
  • Mobile Option

Workflow That Keeps You a Step Ahead

Incode RMS manages everything you need to keep cases moving, including:

  • Set Reminders
  • Track Time Spent
  • Schedule Witness or Suspect Interviews
  • Customizable dashboard

Build a Solid Case with Accurate Details

With Incode RMS, you don’t have to worry about details slipping through the cracks. Here’s why:

  • Unique error tab activates when key information is missing from a report
  • Case details are automatically consolidated into a comprehensive PDF that can be used by the district attorney
  • Pictures, arrest and incident reports can be easily attached to a case file
  • Reduced risk of errors when key incident details are entered into only one file, rather than multiple forms

A Solution for Every Challenge

Incode RMS contains a broad array of features, so it’s able to manage any task you throw at it. These are the functions you can count on to help you accomplish more in less time:

Reporting for incidents, arrests, warrants, accidents, and more
  • Intelligence
  • Witness Interviews
  • Personnel Records
  • Alarm Permits, Bicycle Registration, Pet Registration, and Sex Offender Registration
  • Jail Intake and Booking
  • Investigative Case Management
  • Vehicle Impounds
  • Field Interviews
  • Efficient Reporting to Save Time

    With an easy-to-use reporting dashboard, you can turn a stack of forms into a user-friendly paperless system. Reporting features include:

    • NIBRS Report
    • UCR Report
    • Georgia GEARS Report
    • Alabama eCrash and eCitation Reports
    • Tennessee TITAN Report
    • 90+ Configurable Summary Reports
    • Statistical Reports

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    Incode Public Safety is designed to help cops to just be cops – less paperwork, less time sitting in front of acomputer, and less time filing the same report in different places.

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