Powerful, Integrated Tax Administration Software

We help property tax administrators balance property taxes and satisfy state reporting requirements — all while meeting the needs of citizens and local officials.

  • Complete parcel life cycle management
  • Simplified billing
  • Efficient payment processing
  • Flexible document management
  • Customizable environment
  • Financial suite integration
Incode Property Tax Management Users Include

Parcel Maintenance Without Limits

Raise the stakes on parcel maintenance. Throughout the life cycle of a parcel, Incode Property Tax Management allows you to maintain, bill, collect, distribute, and track properties and associated taxes.

  • Add multiple property classes and tax districts to a parcel
  • Adjust property class codes, interest calculations for delinquent taxes, levies, taxing authorities, and more
  • Eliminate balancing issues through automated reconciliation with each value change, as well as class or district adjustments
*Please note: Some features not available in all states.

Integrated Recording to Manage Real Estate Documents

Capture and manage tax and real-estate documents with ease through an integrated recording application.

  • Define an unlimited number of document types, indexed for easy search immediately upon filing
  • Calculate fees automatically based on document type and user-defined fee schedules that integrate into accounts receivable to charge documents, create month-end statements, and post payments
  • Maintain a complete record of each instrument (fee book) indexed by grantor and grantee names, and tract IDs
*Please note: Some features not available in all states.

Intuitive Treasurer Processing

The billing process has never been easier with full cashiering functionality.

  • View special assessments, tax bills, mobile homes, and tax sale liens in a centralized place
  • Receipt miscellaneous charges such as NSF fees
  • Eliminate the need to track current vs. delinquent taxes with automatic or on-demand apportioning based on the year of each charge

Bridging the Assessor and Auditor Offices

Reduce manual error through Incode Property Tax Management’s automated transfer process. Parcel numbers are created automatically for splits, and a detailed summary outlines what changes will be made prior to completing the process to allow for a final check for complex transfers.

  • Create queue entries for the assessor to redistribute value
  • Notify assessors when a split is ready
  • Track, view history, and report on any value changes in the auditor’s office

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