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MobileEyes® is a suite of mobile applications that improve public safety by supporting fire prevention, emergency response, and structural safety. These high-quality, customizable applications adapt to the diverse needs of engine companies and first responders, fire marshals and life safety inspectors, and system contractors, allowing you to complete more inspections, save time, eliminate paper, and reduce risk to life and property.

  • Fully integrated

  • Cloud-based

  • Mobile

  • Encrypted and secure

  • Off-site data storage

  • U.S.-based support

  • Third-party integrations with RMS, CAD, finance, and others

Inspector and Inspector Plus: Paperless Fire Inspections

Complete 20-40 percent more inspections onsite and help make your community’s risk reduction strategy a reality with powerful scheduling, tracking, inspecting, and data analysis tools. Identify the buildings that pose the highest risk and prioritize them in your inspection planning. Integrate directly with the Contractor Inspection Portal to receive notifications from system contractors when fire protection systems are not working properly. Additionally, onboard codes and our unique process for managing code updates allows you to simply adopt the next code edition; we’ll handle the rest.

  • Powerful tracking, scheduling, and data analysis tools
  • Customizable inspection checklists linked directly to your fire code
  • Completely web-based system
  • Mobile inspections on tablets, smartphones, and desktops
  • Optional billing and accounts receivable

Company Inspector: Mobile Pre-Plan Surveys and Fire Inspections

Perform pre-plan surveys and engine company inspections with any mobile device. Note hazardous materials, fire safety violations, structural information, exit routes, and other important property features. Electronic pre-plans automatically flow through MobileEyes Responder to first responders.

  • Accessible on any internet-connected device — phone, tablet, or desktop
  • User-specific edit rights for pre-plan fields
  • Complete inspection capability — checklists, codes, and photos
  • Real-time required follow-up notifications to Fire Prevention

Responder: Crucial Information for Fire Commanders

Integrate with CAD or directly deliver and display electronic pre-plan and hazmat information describing the layout, construction, occupants, contents, and hazardous materials associated with a structure to first responder and mutual aid partner mobile data terminals (MDTs) and smartphones.

  • Mobile-ready and paperless
  • Drawings and photos incorporated
  • Real-time updates on dangerous conditions and locations, stored hazardous material, sprinkler system connections, building diagrams and site layouts, and emergency contacts
  • Automated data transfer and mutual aid
  • Comprehensive and ongoing support

Building Inspector: Better Communication Between Fire and Building Inspectors and Office Staff

Fully integrated with Inspector, this optional module allows your fire department to more completely track construction projects, contractors, permits, reviews, and inspections.

  • Construction project, contractor, permit, and review tracking
  • Contractor or permit number searches returning all related plan reviews and inspections
  • Easy handoff from new construction to existing building inspections
  • No rekeying of property data
  • Insight into which properties have active construction permits for fire inspectors
  • Fully integrated billing and accounts receivable

Contractor Portal: Better Communication Between Fire Departments and Contractors

Connect private sector sprinkler and alarm contractors with local fire departments to communicate fire protection and suppression impairments or deficiencies and related inspection reports. Submit system compliance reports to AHJ through the MobileEyes Contractor Portal or use MobileEyes System Inspector to perform inspections and then automatically submit completed reports to AHJs.

  • Automated follow-up enforcement inspections
  • Customizable notifications and scheduling
  • Integrated Inspection Testing and Maintenance (ITM) reports
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support
  • Paperless reports

System Inspector: Fire Protection System Inspection Software

Schedule, inspect, and test sprinkler and alarm systems with ease. Save time with advanced scheduling tools that have mapping and drag and drop functionalities and smartphone views. Use barcodes or not — you choose. Produce NFPA- and joint-commission-compliant reports.

  • Professional, NFPA- and Joint Commission-compliant reports
  • Mobile inspection, testing, and maintenance of sprinkler, alarm, kitchen hood, and security systems
  • Automated scheduling and tracking
  • Web-based administration
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support

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