Innovative Court Case Management Solutions

Our end-to-end Odyssey® justice solution offers online dispute resolution (ODR), electronic filing (e-lodgement), and touch screen technology for judges, and more, making Odyssey the leading case management software in the market today.

Odyssey serves more than 1,000 court systems covering a population of more than 120 million, and Tyler empowers justice clients in 7 countries.

  • End-to-end court case management solution
  • Integrated e-filing that is automated and scaleable
  • Touch screens for trial judges for immediate access to critical information

Robust, Feature-rich and Easy to use Access to Important Data

Easily view and download case documents electronically with keyword search.

  • Smart search – Providing users access to cases, warrant records, and protection order records
  • Electronic document access – Easily view and download case documents electronically. Courts can opt to charge for document access on a per-page, per-document basis. The actual cost is configurable by the court location
  • Calendar searches – Citizens and justice partners can search court calendars for specific hearings and find when cases are set on the calendar
  • Attorney hearing scheduling – Attorneys can remotely schedule hearings into select calendar sessions identified by the court for availability via the internet
  • ePayments –locate and pay eligible case fees and citations online with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant credit card processing, and their transactions are automatically updated in Odyssey
  • Elevated access for attorneys, agencies, and justice partners – The Odyssey Portal leverages Odyssey rights and roles to determine what features a user can access. The Odyssey Data Provider, in conjunction with Odyssey Document Security, determines what case data and documents are visible to the user. For example, anonymous public users can only view public case data, whereas an attorney can view case data when they are the Attorney of Record on the case

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