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Pennington County, South Dakota, Department of Equalization
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Simplify Processes and Improve Workflow

Easily access all the appraisal, tax, and collections information you need with Orion. No matter the size of your office, you can use this flexible, scalable solution and its fully integrated suite of capabilities to meet your most demanding appraisal and tax challenges.

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Streamline the Entire Appraisal and Tax Cycle

Every year, hundreds of jurisdictions across Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Texas trust Orion to help them manage more than 5 million total parcels and to produce more than 3.7 million assessment notices. In Texas alone, Orion users produce more than 7 million tax bills annually. Learn more about the integrated solutions and services they use to accomplish their objectives

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Discover the Benefits, Solutions, and Software You Need

Meet the Legislative Requirements of Your Office

Hundreds of veteran assessors built their countless years of experience and knowledge into Orion to meet the unique needs of assessing and tax offices across Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Texas. Orion makes it easy for staff to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of property taxation while ensuring compliance with state law.

  • Collect, store, and maintain thorough property data
  • Maintain ownership, legal, and transfer information
  • Adapt to legislative changes
  • Manage exemptions and other state filing needs
  • Share data between offices

Achieve Fair and Equitable Taxation

Orion delivers all the tools you need for establishing fair, equitable, and defendable property taxation in your jurisdiction. You can save time, enjoy fewer appeals, and increase constituent trust by using Orion to calculate accurate valuations for all types of properties.

  • Search for and access existing property data, maps, and other information
  • Execute market modeling within your Orion Appraisal™ software
  • Develop, calibrate, and test your model(s) using cost, market, or income appraisal methods
  • Generate property values that are fair, equitable, and defendable to taxpayers and review boards
  • Save time and resources with the latest mobile technology
  • Provide transparency for fewer appeals and increased taxpayer trust
  • Bring all data together in one comprehensive view, such as mapping, land records, imagery

Transform Your Operations

With a continued flow of enhancements and training to make sure you are maximizing your investment, Orion helps you stay current and ahead of the curve.

  • Host your Orion solution on your servers or let us deliver it over a trusted and safe network
  • Rest easy knowing your data and information will be accessible, secure, and reliable
  • Stay current with today's latest technology
  • Receive a steady stream of enhancements without relicensing fees
  • Leverage available training and access to expert resources

The Power of Connections

Explore our interactive graphic to learn how Tyler is connecting public administration departments in larger local governments and see the advantages of specific integrations. Whether linking public works to HR, permitting to accounting, or assessors to planners, our integrated solutions make valuable connections across your organization and within your community.

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Hear how the Montana Department of Revenue accomplishes their goals with Orion Field Mobile.

The Montana Department of Revenue was tasked with eliminating waste and paper. Since implementing Orion Field Mobile, their appraisers are more efficient in the field — eliminating redundant work and building public trust. Going digital enabled the state to discard unnecessary paper files in their offices.

Who uses Orion?

Williamson County, Texas, Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office

Williamson County saves employee time and thousands of dollars by creating an online property tax estimator that pulls and calculates data directly from Orion.

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Kansas Dept. of Revenue, Property Valuation Division

Learn how the Kansas Department of Revenue Property Valuation Division teamed up with Tyler to execute a statewide, 105-county implementation of Orion Appraisal.

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Building strong, vibrant, thriving communities.

At Tyler, we want to make it easier for you to drive economic growth, focus on your residents’ needs, and deliver results-oriented government. Technology can make this happen by connecting the core functions of local government and enabling information to flow seamlessly between departments and across jurisdictions.

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